Games Like Kapi Hospital

Here is a list of games that are similar to Games Like Kapi Hospital.

Theme Hospital

Theme Hospital

Do you think you have what it takes to make money for curing people in our own hospital? In Theme Hospital you will be dealing with designing, maintaining, and managing a high tech hospital as you deal with a lot of ailing patients daily. You will have to be quick in order to make money.

Frenzy Clinic


How do you handle your time? Frenzy Clinic will give you a chance to see how you handle your time in a normal hospital service. You will have to take care of all the patients and point them to right type of treatment in order to unlock other treatment areas and have a great time saving lives.

Hospital Frenzy


Hospital Frenzy will give you a chance to see how you run around the hospital treating patients, giving cures and sending people home in order to unlock other levels within the hospital for treatments. Do you think you have what it takes to manage your time and more in this world?

Hospital Admin


Patients will need to have a very positive and well organized nurse who will take care of them. Hospital Admin will give you a chance to show what you are made of when you work the night shift. You will have to send each patient to the right room and give them the right treatment.

Hospital Fun


Hospital Fun is all about managing your very own hospital that unlike any other hospital that is out there. You will have work hard to make sure that each of the patients are taken care of and make sure that they are guided to the right room. Simply use your mouse to guide them.

Heart Surgery


Have you ever wanted to work in your very own hospital and complete heart surgery on someone? Now you will have a chance in Heart Surgery. You will have to read the instructions from the nurse to make sure that you are doing what you should be and she will be your lifeline during it.

Life Care Hospital


You finally opened your very own hospital and all of your dreams are coming true. There are plenty of patients to take care of because it is winter and there are a lot of people sick. The only cure is the one that you have that you are able to give to the patients. Give them the right medicines and send them home.

Cold & Flu Invasion


Cold & Flu Invasion will give you a chance to cure all of the people that in your office. You will have to toss HALLS drops that are in each drawer to each one of the patients. If your thermometer gets too high then the game is over otherwise you will just have to keep refilling the drawers.

Operation Mania


Do you have what it takes to help Dr. Humorus manage his own version of mayhem in Operation Mania? You will love this time management entertainment as you are in charge of everything from admitting patients, to diagnosing their illnesses, and saving them with awesome surgery mini-games. Race against the clock as your patients aren’t very patient.

Ada’s Hospital


Ada has just finished medical school and now she is in charge of her very own hospital. The money is really tight and time is short and it is up to you to save the day. You will have to make a certain amount of money every day and even help patients while you feel the pressure from your own father.

Simply Hospital


Simply Hospital is all about keeping your doctors busy, keeping your patients happy and doing plenty of research. You will have to work hard to make sure that there is plenty of work done in order to keep your hospital going in this wacky new world and you can only do it on Facebook.

Hospital Tycoon


Are you ready to deal with your own hospital drama? Hospital Tycoon will give you a chance to do just that and you will be able to manipulate the results to give you the best advantage. Your job is to cure all of the patients with your army of nurses and doctors while being able to manage the facilities and making sure everyone is taken care of.

Pixel Hospital


The city has an epidemic and everyone is at the hospital. You are the head doctor in this challenging world. You have limited staff, resources, equipment and even medicine. It is your duty to get as many patients back to health as possible. Keep an eye out for the VIP’s that get special treatment and cure the city before it is diminished.

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