Games Like HighStreet 5

Here is a list of games that are similar to HighStreet 5.

Lucent Heart

Lucent Heart

In this world you will be able to choose if you want to go and discover magical ancient treasures or if you simply want to dance the night away, it’s up to you. You can also explore, and face new and adventurous dangers, or you can create and get new weapons.



Audition has you finger dancing in an addictive and entertaining way. Follow the arrow keys and try to be as accurate as possible. Remember that you have to hit it at just the right time in order to be successful. If you can do this, you will see everything work out in your favor and the dancing is going to be amazing.

The Black Eyed Peas Experience

The Black Eyed Peas Experience

Fans of The Black Eyed Peas are going to adore everything about this game. You have not only the band, but also all of the music from them. You are going to be dancing to and with them, making this one of the most exciting dance games out there, especially for the band’s fans who like dancing.

Super Dancer Online-Xtreme

Super Dancer Online-XtremeSuper Dancer Online Xtreme is more than just your basic dancing game. While you can show off your moves, you can also have fun with your avatar and the community around you. Dress up, socialize, and lead an exciting virtual life that is full of dancing and very adorable avatars.

Love Beat

Love Beat5

Dress up your avatar and begin dancing in the wonderful world of Love Beat. You will be able to show off your moves, make friends, and buy new items to change up your appearance. There is a lot being released regularly and a large community so you can continue to enjoy everything about this game.


showup8Showup is more than just a dancing MMO. It offers socialization, exploration, and entertainment in ways that are very different for dance games. Customize your very own avatar and take part in the many activities offered. You might be surprised by everything that you can do in this immense and exciting game.


5 sexy girls dancing on stage.

The Korean idols’ here just want to let you in on the singing, dancing, stage rushes, and simply show their love to you. You can follow along in the choreography, and dance till your legs give out. You can change up your characters clothing design and style any time you want to and spice things up a bit.

Dance Central 3

Dance Central 3

Being part of one of the more popular dance game franchises, Dance Central 3 continues to amaze players with its game play and beauty. You have exciting dance moves and music along with stunning graphics. The characters’ moves are choreographed exceptionally well and the game is incredibly addictive.

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