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Here is a list of games that are similar to Girls Games – Fashion.

Movie Star Planet


To get started you will create your very own avatar, who, by the way eventually becomes a celebrity movie star. You have the ability to give your avatar looks and style, dress her/him however you want, and a lot of other stuff. There will be several different mini games offered throughout this adventure, and you are going to be competing in many competitions.

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Lady Popular


In this virtual world you get too customize your avatar and everything about your avatar however you want, including its profile. There are more than sixteen hundred different combinations that you can use in creating your avatar’s looks, ranging from his/her make-up, shape of face, style, type of clothes to wear, hair style, and so much more.

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Dream Mining


You will find this world pay more attention to music, films, and fashion than anything else. Whether you have any creativity or not you will love be able to have your own space, design your own clothing, sing, and also make a few of your own videos. You will have three totally different characters to choose from.

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Oh My Dollz


Here you will have the opportunity to create and design your own clothing and start a line of fashion. You w ill be able to cloth your avatar and decorate your place all through this adventure. You will get to interact socially with other gamers that have creative minds just like you.

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Stardoll Game


Yes, you have found a place that is going to let you design your own fashions, and it even features celebrities, which gives you a chance at designing some clothes for them as well. You begin by customizing your personal avatar, known here as a Medoll. It’s great, it even lets you decide how long you want your avatar’s eyelashes to be.

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Our World

Our World

Welcome to the virtual world of gaming entertainment, a place where you can interact with others from around the world. It gives you an email box within the system of the game, this lets you invite others to keep in contact with you during gameplay, and it also allows you to send and receive messages.

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Virtual PopStar

Virtual PopStar6

This lets you show the PopStar side of yourself. Right here in this virtual world you’ll be provided with over twenty-five-hundred different outfits that can be change throughout. Teenagers are loving the chance to express themselves as a PopStar. And as a millionaire, you will have your own private jet that takes you anywhere you want to go.

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It lets you chat with your friends and even hang out. It is social active and for a web based entertainer you’re going to find that it is visually appealing. It encourages you to come up with content of your own and to share with others making it player generated.

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Style Me Girl


This is going to let you create a style and look or professional models and celebrities, that means their clothes, hair, accessories,  make-up, and anything else you should think of, it will all be possible. It provides you with seventeen different models to choose from, however, you can get more experience by getting creative with them all.

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