Games Like Dress Up: Fashion Designer

Here is a list of games that are similar to Dress Up: Fashion Designer.

Lady Popular


With millions of possible combinations, Lady Popular has you falling in love from the first sight. You will have the chance to get a job, run errands, party, meet other players, and even meet some guys. You have the chance to become a popular and much loved person in the town when you play.

Stardoll Game


Your own avatar is waiting for you in Stardoll. You are going to have it look however you want it to look. Choose the perfect base, even having the choice to make it look just like a celebrity, and then start dressing up. The amount of clothing and accessories here will blow your mind.

Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer12

You are going to become the biggest and best designer possible in Fashion Designer. You will build up your portfolio, you will work on clients, and you will slowly become more successful. This is not an easy thing to do, but there is always entertainment and excitement awaiting you in this field.

Dream Mining


Dressing up and exploring are only part of why Dream Mining is so exciting. You also have several characters with their own stories to explore. You can play as these characters and help them to realize their dreams. It is all about creativity and achieving the impossible, and you can do it all.

Virtual PopStar

Virtual PopStar6

You have the opportunity to become a pop star thanks to Virtual PopStar. Here, you are going to start working on yourself and working on getting some fans. You will play shows, tour, and do everything a pop star should. It is your chance to live the life of a star thanks to this game.


Woozworld 10

Imagination is king in WoozWorld. You will have the chance to personalize and to socialize, as always, but there is so much more to this. You also have player content that makes the universe what it is. Add your own, check out other content, or play around with what the developers made.

Our World


Fashion and socialization make Our World one of the most exciting places to visit. You will have your very own avatar that you can personalize however you want. Give it the perfect look. Once done, go talk with others to see their outfits, compare, and simply have fun with the many players here.

Mall World


Stock a store, dress up, dress up friends, and have fun in your very own boutique. You get to do a lot here, a lot more than you might think. It is a boutique full of options and opportunities. If there is ever something you love about a boutique, you can bet you have that in Mall World.

Movie Star Planet


Becoming a movie star has never been so fun thanks to Movie Star Planet. You are going to start on the path to becoming a star without sacrificing everything you love about you. Make friends, play games, and watch as your star rises above all of the rest in this exciting world.

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