Games Like Cities in Motion 2

Here is a list of games that are similar to Cities in Motion 2.

Cities XL Platinum

Cities XL 11

Get ready to build your very own buildings and city in Cities XL Platinum. You will be able to see how big and unique that your city can be. You will be able to design, build and then link everything together. You can even help your citizens along the way.

Sim City

Sim City2

Are you ready to create your very own city in Sim City you can do just that. You will have a chance to work on 16 different cities at once. You can add buildings like fire stations, dispatchers, and much more. Each thing will earn you money or citizens.

Anno 2070

Anno 2070

The year is 2070 and you are forced to build a brand new civilization for your people on an island. You will have to work hard to build buildings, harvest resources, and make sure that your people stay happy and healthy. You will have to have great time management to keep them going.

Tropico 5


Journey to Tropico where you will have to go through history to create your very own world. You will have to start in colonial times and then go through the world wars. You have to fight past the great depression and even survive a dictatorship. You will go through the 19th to the 21st century in this awesome sim.

2020 My Country

(2020)My Country

In the middle of the ocean in the not so near feature, it is 2020 and you will have to work hard to rebuild an island nation that was destroyed. You will have to go through the storyline that will keep you busy for hours on end. Time management and building what is needed is the name of the game.



Start out small and work your way from the bottom up. Megapolis will have you creating structures like hospitals, buildings, restaurants and so much more. You will have to create a region and make everything fit in where you need it to go.

Rising Cities

Rising Cities2

You will start out with a very little piece of land that you will have to turn into a very big and bustling city that will make millions and millions of money. People will love this city and they will get all of the attention. This is something that will take a lot of thinking and work.

Green City 2

Green City2

Living a green lifestyle is important for the future of our Earth. Too many people, however, fail to see how good it would be for our planet to continue to survive and do well. You will have to work hard to keep a green city that is all about eco-friendly in a world. Earn money and work hard to keep it green.

My Virtual City


It is time to get really creative and build your very own city that is unlike any other that is out there. You will be able to watch your city grow and even thrive as you build on to it. You will have to use your mind and build a really great city.



If you have ever played a Facebook game than you are in for a real treat. Township will allow you to do more than just build a city, you will be building a place that you can make a home for plenty of people. The tricky part is that you have to have friends.

Virtual City Playground

Virtual City Playground

In this great world you will be working hard to build your very own city from the ground up. You will be running it as well. You will have to take on tasks and help the city to grow to all new levels as well as make decisions on how you can do that as well.

Airport City

Airport City

If you enjoy great social entertainment then you will love Airport City. You will have to build your very own airport that is unlike any other airport that is out there. You will have to build a city to go around your airport as well. You will have to generate revenue from all the buildings as well.

Big Business

Big Business

In this great city building world you will have to run your very own business as an entrepreneur. You will have to manufacture goods, sell them and then produce plenty of raw materials. You will eve be able to run entertainment places and public services too.

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