Games Like There

Here is a list of games, that are similar to There.

Second life

SecondLife6Given a second chance at life, what would you do differently? Would you change your entire way of living or would you just tweak it here and there? Choose how you want to look and what you want to wear, and then get ready to enter a brand new life full of shopping, games, performances, and fashion shows!

Club Cooee

Club Cooee

Here at Club Cooee you’ll be able to meet up with your friends, both old and new, and chat and share things about your avatars. Invite your friends over to your new home, that you have decorated up just like you wanted. Refer some of your friends to join in the fun here and you will earn extra Cooee points.


imvu3IMVU is an extremely popular game. Why? Because it has just everything you could ask for. Love quests? You have plenty here. Want to play games? Join and start playing! Love socialization? Make new friends instantly? Don’t want to do anything? Just roam around! The perfect virtual world for everyone, indeed.

Active Worlds


Active Worlds keeps your neurons active by giving you a chance to get creative. You can actually create your own world and even check out the worlds created by the others. A portion of this virtual world will be given to you in order to explore and create a great home to live in.



Get ready to spend an unknown amount of time just talking to random people from all over the place as you edit your characters looks from hair, clothing and even makeup options. You will also have a house that you can decorate and make your own, and much more.

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