Smeet Hints, Cheats and Achievement Codes


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Smeet Safe

Safe Room

You can get 200 points by opening the safe.

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Beach Treasures

Earn 100 points by finding these treasures.

At the Sunset Beach, click the banana then the monkey to get the shovel. Click bottle to get the key. Click ‘X’ symbol to find the treasure chest & solve the task. After successfully completing the task, you will then get underwater room.

Smeet Help Johnny Find His Clothes

Help Johnny

Earn 50 points by helping Johnny find his clothes.

Smeet Club District

Where are Johnny’s Clothes?

  1. Click Explore.
  2. Click Club District.
  3. Click Temple of rock and you will find his shirt there.
  4. The neck tie at Bounce 21.
  5. Pants at Funky Kitchen Club.
  6. Shoes at the techno base.
  7. Stocking at Just for Laughs.
  8. Then go to Party Plaza.
  9. Click on the Johnny’s avatar to receive 50 fame points,

Earn Dimes

You will earn 100 dimes by picking up credit cards.

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Shopping Bags

Find the 8 shopping bags that are scattered in various places in Smeet and gain 5 corners.

Smeet Lost Legalies

Treasures of the Lost Legacies

At the oasis,  go to the Lost Legacies and find the 5 chests of treasure. Then the adventurer who is in the middle of the screen will give you 5 points.

Smeet Gothic Candles

Gothic Candles

  • The two candlesticks are at the entrance of the cave and earn Gothic Goth Loft for your room.
  • The cave is in the Gothic area on the second page.
  • Find the 5 balls that are hidden in the playroom and you will win the Emotie Planet .

Clean Earth Campaign

  • Cleanliness is an important factor in Smeet. Collect five bins of goshawks waste on the 5th Avenue and you will earn 20 points.
  • Collect 5 bottles in the metro station and earn 20 points.
  • Pick up 5 roses that are scattered around the room and earn 20 points.

Smeet Dimex Room

The Dimex

By visiting the Dimex, you can earn 25 points.

(Take note that Smeet have made updates and changes over the years, so some of these are not accurate anymore. You may want to leave a comment below and share your cheats, glitch and trick codes to help your fellow Smeeters. 🙂 )

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