Movie Star Planet Hints, Cheats and Achievement Codes

 On Location Trick

  1. Login to Movie Star Planet on mobile and click game. It will lead you to “On Location”.
  2. Swipe on the “Swipe” box to start the game.
  3. Once it start, keep swiping on the bars. You will get lots of fame since every time you swipe, you get 1 fame. It may crash a few times, so if you would want to, you can do it the following way.
  1. Do step 1-2 at the top.
  2. When the game starts, start swiping in on the shirt part. Keep doing it until it matches with all the other two.
  3. When it does, swipe on the one that didn’t match until it matches with all the other.
  4. Swipe any one of the parts to mix them up again.
  5. Repeat step 2-5 in this way, not the first way. Stop when you would like to.

Earn Starcoins

Spin the Wheel

A. Spin the Coin Wheel

  1. You get to spin the coin wheel once a day.
  2. Go to a chat room and play the games on the floor and click on the starcoins. Buy a pet, then go to the pet park chat room, and click on other people’s pets to receive starcoins.


B. Play Games

Go play tons of games. You will need to be smart the first few tries you start playing. For example, when you get used to playing quiz, the questions will get easier the next time around since you’re already familiar with it. You can also spin the wheel and earn fame at the same time. But MSP change the questions every once and a while, so keep up with quiz.

msp movies

C. Make Movies

  1. Start making your own movies because you will get 10 starcoins every time someone watches it.
  2. Ask your friends if you can also appear on their movies and you will get 50 starcoins when somebody watches a movie with you in it.

A piece of advice though, you can get a certain amount of starcoins depending on how good the movies are rates. Take your time when making your movies because a bad movie won’t get you money.

D. Make Art Books

You can receive more coins when you create looks, art books, and all those stuff.

E. Rate Your Own Products

Create new accounts and use it to rate your movies, looks, room and artbooks.


F. Love Pets

Go and love other player’s pets. Those at level 25+ usually have many pets so you can love them  and you get 1-3 star coins  for it.


G. Watch Shortmovies

You will receive 10 starcoins for each when you watch Shortmovies and give a 5-star rating.


H. Play Arcade Games

Click on Game and choose arcade games. These games can give you more coins.

msp kiss

How Do You Kiss?

Go into the animation shop, and go to “Love and  Emotions” category, and scroll until you find ‘Kiss’.

msp famous

How to Become Famous

Everyone wants to be rich and famous, so If you want to earn a ton of fame on moviestarplanet you should follow the steps on how to level-up quick above. Or you can try a few of these suggestions:

  1. Make a bunch of short movies with your friends then spread the word around MSP to get people to watch them. You’ll earn more experience points if more people watch your film.
  2. Play games to earn more fame points. You can get points every time you win a game.
  3. Enter competitions with your movies. More people will watch your movies if you enter them in a competition and you have the chance of becoming famous if your movie is good enough.

By doing all of this you should be well on your way to becoming a celeb in the game.

msp boonies

How to Get a Pet for Free

The best way to get a free pet is to get a VIP membership.  This way you can earn points faster so your pet will pretty much be free.

(Take note that Movie Star Planet have made updates and changes over the years, so some of these are not accurate anymore. You may want to leave a comment below and share your cheats, glitch and trick codes to help your fellow Movie Star Planet players. 🙂 )

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