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The hugely successful Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker finally has a sequel – Love Life. Kitty Powers’ Love Life continues where the last left off, putting you in a position to take care of couples who desperately need it. You are going to be their 24 / 7 therapist, helping them any time they need it.

Unlike Matchmaker, though, this is going to go deeper. This is going to take the game much further than it could ever go before. Yes, you are helping couples, but you are doing it on a grand scale.

Here, you are going to help an entire village. Kitty Powers has created a village of couples who want to keep their relationships going strong and who want to keep that love in their life. You are going to be there every step of the way to help them do that. It is not easy, but you are going to manage it with ease.

The introduction is similar to the last one, where you have Kitty Powers and all her humor. The drag queen matchmaking extraordinaire that we all love, she brings all the comedy and knowledge that you are going to need through the game. Her wit and one liners will keep the game feeling fresh and fun no matter how long you play.

Even better is the gameplay itself. You have an entire village of people waiting for love, and you are going to be there to make that happen. You are going to manage the village and help the relationships when they need it.

If they are in trouble, they are going to go to you to talk. You are going to help them through struggles, telling them what to do and keeping them on the right path. If you notice anything is wrong, you can intervene to keep things going smoothly.

If you see a couple that is ready to take the next step, you can be there to push them towards it. You are going to have couples falling in love and staying in love, and moving their relationship forward with your help.

The couples that you meet are completely procedurally generated. There is nothing predictable about them at all. All of the couples are unique, giving you new experiences and challenges every time you play.

If you played Matchmaker, you can import those couples. Help them to keep their relationship going strong and blossoming further with Love Life.

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You will build up the village while you are there. Place different buildings strategically to keep people interested. If you place them just right, you are going to give couples a boost and make them love the village, and each other, more.

You are part of their lives through it all. Read their social feeds, listen to them, and watch what they do. You are going to play a significant role in their lives.

If you want to play a match making and love game like no other, go for Love Life. It is a builder and management game with matchmaking tasks.

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Kitty Powers’ Love Life on YouTube.

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