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Harvest Life follows in the footsteps of games like Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley more than it does FarmVille and other popular online farming games. It is a farming experience that sends you on adventures… Read More »

A beautiful and expansive game, My Time At Portia is certain to get any heart fluttering. It gives you a huge world to explore, a village to help, tasks to complete, and so much more…. Read More »

City builders and management games combine to create something incredible with Rise of Industry. This is far from the first time the two have come together, but this game is an example of what they… Read More »

Management games can generally feel the same. When you play so many of them, it is hard to find one that really stands out. Thankfully, My Hospital is able to do just that. It gives… Read More »

Start your own farm, make all types of products, sell services, and more in My Free Farm 2. The amount that you can do in the game is unlike anything else you have seen. There… Read More »

From the people that made Prison Architect comes a brand new management game that is certain to give you a hit of nostalgia – Academia: School Simulator. Academia is exactly what the name implies, a… Read More »

Become mayor and take care of the residents and town in Virtual Town. Everyone and everything is counting on you so do not let them down. Without their mayor, things will surely fall apart quickly…. Read More »

Gorgeous and entertaining, DanceOn 3Claws is a social dancing game like many others from Japan and South Korea. It offers 3D anime characters, customization, dance moves, actual music, and much more. Find music and find… Read More »

Dance games give you the chance to find excitement and love and magic, all in one place. Nowhere is that more true and apparent than Love Dance. Find a love for dancing, music, and others… Read More »

Horses are beautiful creatures that leave us stunned from the moment we see them. Being around them alone is enough to make anyone speechless, but what if you could collect them and ride them, too?… Read More »

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