Mermaid Virtual Worlds


Here is a list of mermaid virtual worlds that feature mermaid games and items:


IMVU mermaidIMVU is a world that gives you numerous clothing options. Do you fancy being a mermaid? Go on, choose an avatar and discover the underwater worlds like never before! Relax in your beautiful and luxurious private realm.

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Second Life

SL mermaidLive a life of the merpeople in this game. Go underwater and discover the exotic secrets the oceans hold. Swim happily and meet other creatures such as orcas, dolphins, and more.

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2013-04-25_0200All you have to do in this game is dress up as you wish and start exploring! The world is full of surprises and you will easily spend hours checking it out and socializng.

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Mermaid World

app_112_341518425946183_1379858348Merpeople are beautiful, aren’t they? Wouldn’t you love to enter a world with plenty of them? Join this world and discover the secret underwater realm. It is simply stunning and will definitely blow your mind away!

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Fairy Tale Games: Mermaid Princess Puzzles

mzl.rwsiqmhm.320x480-75This game is for toddlers who love the fantasy world. In this virtual world you will find many puzzles to try out. The puzzles are designed especially for toddlers up to the age six to make sure they improve their intellect in a fun manner.

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Mermaid Adventure

mzl.xcpraoey.320x480-75In this world, you will see that the mermaids are in danger. It is your job to ensure they don’t die out. Swim away from sharks and look for shells. Find more and more shells in order to unlock more merpeople.

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Dive In

2013-04-25_0042Swim around happily and talk to the others, discuss various things with them, and explore caves underwater. Make new friends online and have lots of fun!

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Ariel: Numbers & Counting

mzl.hpnvemal.320x480-75Ariel and her friend Flounder are looking to explore the underwater kingdom. Why not join them? There are numerous obstacles to steer clear of and many gems and treasures to find. Help Ariel in her quest and improve your counting and group comparison skills.

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Atlantis: Mermaid Town

AtlantisThis game needs to be played through Facebook. Your job in this game is to reconstruct the entire Mermaid Town to make it look splendid and more stunning than ever before.

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Barbie Fairytopia: Mermaidia

Barbie-Fairytopia-Mermaidia-barbie-movies-30274939-640-379Mermaidia is a town that is in trouble. It is up to you to save the town by finding the prince. Are you up to the challenge?

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  • Mermaid

    BASICALLY ALL OF THESE NEED DOWNLOADS! So not worth it… it could kill the computer.

    • gamer_3D

      There’ still Dive In. Your can play it directly from your browser.

  • happygirlcarman

    you need more

  • happygirlcarman

    like fun ones

  • Em


  • AmazingBeauty

    You need more games!!!!!!!!!!! Great site be much to less!

  • AmazingBeauty

    *but not be

  • ihashappyness

    i cant downlod couse my computer wont dowloud

    • gamer_3D

      You don’t need to download DiveIn. You can play it directly from your browser but first, you need to have an Adobe Shockwave Player installed.


    can our world have mermaids because basically that is the ONLY ONE THAT DOES NOT NEED DOWNLOADING?!!!!!!!!???


    this is so dumb i can’t download cause my mom checks my computer and it will ask for her password and aproval

    • Ivory Hale

      that is no fault of the game creators. if your mum checks the laptop then you re most likely not old enough.

  • Rita

    How can I sign up for dive in? Somebody plz let me know.

    • gamer_3D

      Just type in your name and connect.

  • Savannah PH

    Urrrggggg! I’m merely just looking for a re-placement for PH!(not that i would like it better…) and so far, nothing is as good as it. PERIOD.

    • Sarah Clark

      What is PH?

      • gamer_3D

        Must be Pixie Hollow. :)

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I tried IMVU, you can choose a pokemon avatar at the shop. I chose charmander!

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