Anime Virtual Worlds


Here is a list of anime virtual worlds that feature anime characters or avatars:

Fiesta Online

fiesta-online11This one is for all those who are looking for an anime game that is easy to grasp. This role playing game has millions of users and that tells a lot about the game, doesn’t it? You can also team up with other players in this game to complete the quests!

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RE Alistair

RE alistair12Want to tickle your intuition? This is the game for you to play! A highly engaging and you will surely stay hooked because there is so much to do! Here is Merui whose real and online worlds are clashing. Help her out, will you?

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Gaia Online

gaiaonline5Gaia Online is a superb and extremely popular game. Its discussion thread is highly active, with millions pouring in every day. Go on, join them, and have fun! Interact with others, be a part of the massive community, use the many features of this game, and get absorbed completely.

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Perfect World

perfectworld7Perfect World is a great multiplayer game with limitless options for you to choose from. The best part about this game is that it is very detailed. It has plenty of options for you to explore and choose among races and classes. Choose wisely!

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ozworld4Oz World is for the fishing lovers. If you love fishing, you will love this game – it is as plain as that. Fish happily with a relaxed state of mind and talk to the other players who are just like you. There are numerous combats and quests for you to master!

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audition6Put on your dancing shoes – virtually – and say hello to Audition! This game is pure fun and entertainment for all dance lovers. Dance away to earn points. Use the points to buy new accessories for your character. Sounds simple enough? Go on and have lots of fun whilst dancing!

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milmo 10Milmo is literally the world of customization. The number of options for customization that this adventure game offers will actually surprise you. Play it through Facebook or otherwise – the choice is yours. Explore freely or go on quests – again, the choice is yours!

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My Candy Love

mycandylove10love doing the best? My Candy Love is the perfect choice for you! Love flirting around, don’t you? Flirt away in this game and have lots of fun in the process. This game is highly interactive but it is also very safe. So, there is no need to worry!

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Jamia Online

jamia-online8your own little life in Jamia Online by choosing an avatar and dressing her up. You will be happy to see many options to choose from. No compromising here!

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showup7Show up at Show Up and get lost in an amazing dancing world. Dance to glory in this game and leave all your worries behind. This 3D rhythm game brings you lots of excitement, fun, and frolic. Dance either solo or in couples depending on your choice. You can also dance in groups. The bottomline here is to just dance!

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  • Abbie Horan

    I tried playing Gaia online and it said there was a connection problem EVERYDAY I tried :(

  • youdontneedtoknowmyname

    i really need to find a game where you DONT have to download unity player!!!!!

  • Thalia

    What is the game that is shown in the intro pic? The one with the yello streets and blue haired boy?

    • gamer_3D

      That’s Fiesta Online, the first one on the list. :)

      • Thalia

        Thank you so much!

  • naomii

    is aura kingdom a good game to play or should i play a different games?

    • Kaori Yuki

      Aura Kingdom is actually really fun, I have it. Its addicting, despite it being a magical kind of thing.

      • MissMoony

        I got so addicted to it my dad put a password on it then he forgot it and I’m nearly dead because no matter what I do I can’t get in!!

      • Julia

        Do u need to download it and u need net too to play???

    • GenevieveCosmos アニメ

      I heard it’s fun. Infact, i’m downloading it right now was i type. But it’s taking kinda long though :(

    • sherry hemling

      Aura Kingdom is awesome. Me and my friend play it ALL THE TIME!

  • BOSS

    yo this games are cool and i love ANIME 0:)

  • icecreamkitten


  • icecreamkitten

    i need a game thats doesnt need a download

  • bobs

    can i kill myself??!?

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