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Here is a list of games that are similar to Zombie Pets – Facebook.



In this virtual world that is full of fantasy you will be among some of the most amazing animals you could ever encounter in reality. It has a feature that makes it possible for you to chat with other gamers from all over the world and several other great features as well.

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This wonderful game of fantasies and adventures takes you on a journey that is not only fun, but also exciting Unlike other genres of this type, here you will be able to own as many pets as you would like, or you can handle. It allows you to breed your cats and/or dogs.

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Fantastic Pets

Fantastic Pets2

This game was created with kids in mind, but since it beginning it seems that gamers from everywhere had started playing it and they have been enjoying what they are playing. A feature it has will let you use Kinect while training your pets. The pet shop belongs to your uncle, however, he has skipped town.

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Happy Pets


For those of you what are not allowed to have a pet in real life, this is the perfect game for you, for it will let you have your own pet and all the things that your pet will need.  It is a virtual world of fantasy where you will have a place for your pet to live as well.

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The Sims 3 Pets

The Sims 3 Pets2

This gameplay was created originally for the enjoyment of kids, however, since then it appears to be played by every age group. The Sims 3 Pets is an exciting adventure that lets you use the Kinect method for training of the animals. You will be a young boy that is left in charge of the animals.

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Moshi Monsters


You are going to simply love all the fast puzzle games that is offered, the faster you complete them the faster you are going to get to level up. Puzzles are just one of the many things it offers to you throughout this gameplay. It has combined fun and learning together, for a new way of learning.

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In this horse adventure you will be allowed to pick out your own horse, it offers many different one’s to pick from. One of the features is one that lets a white monkey go around with you to teach you how to play, this monkey’s name is Ow, and he will be with you a while.

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School of Dragons

School-of-Dragons 3

When you are first beginning here you will be picking out a dragon that is going to be yours throughout the journey. If you can pay attention as you progress throughout this adventure, you will be able to learn all about how to care for your dragon and more.

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Animal Jam


You are about to see for yourself how dragons live, the only thing about this that may be a tad odd is how are you going to be able to do this through the eyes of your dragon. The first thing that you will need to do after beginning this will be to adopt yourself a dragon.

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Star Stable


Many, many years ago there was a rock that did nothing, but lay at the bottom of the ocean, then one day a star (meteorite) fell right out of the sky and this star (meteorite) landed right on top of that rock and changed it into a young lady. Needless to say the lady and the horse rode out of the ocean and were not seen again.

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Bin Weevils


No longer will you have to go everywhere by yourself, for this game lets yo have a Weevil. Your Weevil will be able to go everywhere you go, and that includes the bins where you are going to be4 telling it to go often as it will need to eat mulch and the mulch can bring you money.

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In this world of fantasy, you are going to meet the little Boonies. You will get a Boonie for your own too. Once you get your own Boonie you will need to work hard just to keep it fed and happy, playing with it and tending to all its other needs.

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