Games Like Woozworld for iPad

Here is a list of games that are similar to Woozworld for iPad.

Kingdom Island Mobile

Kingdom Island12

This is a virtual world that allows gamers to socialize and chat with others in a safe environment. It also has many different games for you to play, have fun, and just enjoy yourself. It is set up so that parents will be able to restrict or lock certain areas of the game.

Line Play

Line Play

Line Play is a cute ad casual game that can be additive. All of this can be yours. The first thing you will notice that its different than other games of this type is that this one lets you customize yourself, it offers you many different ways of doing this.

Habbo for iPad


Sometimes meeting new people just isn’t enough anymore, meeting others needs to have some excitement about it, don’t you think? Well, in this gameplay where you get to use your imagination it is just that, exciting to meet new gamers and that is not all it has to offer you here.



This is a great adventure and has many things for you to do throughout it. One of the features it has is a means for you to collect and gather credits during your journey and you will use those credits to buy the many different items you will be needing. It also offers many options to choose from, which is a great way to enhance your gaming.

Gaia on the Go


First you will create an avatar and then you can begin having fun. It lets you play dress-up with your avatar and you can also save the things your avatar wears and change back in to it later on. Other things it has for you to do is to read, yes, that’s right. It lets you read and post blogs on their forum.

Club Cooee


This has a unique gameplay that actually allows you to join up with the community, for free, after creating an avatar for yourself and you build a home for yourself to live in during your time in this virtual world. You have the ability to interact and meet new friends.



use. With all it has to offer you are still going to have time to get out there and meet new friends or just spend time socializing with the friends you already have.

Second Life


Second Life is just what it says, a second life, a life away from reality. You have a chance here to create yourself a different life than the one you have out there in the real world. In this virtual world you will not have any boundaries holding you back.

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