Games Like Sing 4: The Hits Edition

Here is a list of games that are similar to Sing 4: The Hits Edition.

Let’s Sing

Let’s Sing

Let’s Sing will give you a chance to bring out your inner popstar and play as some of the biggest names in the singing industry right now. You can play as LMFAO, Lady Gaga, Flo Rida, and so many more. You will certainly have a lot of fun picking out songs and singing along.

Karaoke Revolution

Karaoke Revolution8

Karaoke Revolution will have you singing your heart out as you try to match your pitch with the song. Pick a song, grab your microphone, and blow your audience away as you try to rack up as many points as possible. Stay consistent with your vocals and win the whole game.



Singing karaoke has now been made easier with SingOn. You will be able to sing along with all of your favorite songs. You can sing with friends and compare your skills and love the excitement from it. If you love karaoke then you are never going to be bored when you being playing SingOn.

Rock Band 3

Rock Band 3 12

If loved Rock Band 1 and 2 then you are going to love Rock Band 3 even more. You can do everything that you loved in the previous editions and so much more. You can play with your friends or by yourself. There is plenty of excitement as you create your avatar and begin to rock out.

Lego Rock Band

Lego Rock Band6

Get ready to get your Lego on as you rock out to Lego Rock Band. You will be able to create a Lego avatar as you go on a journey to build your very own rock band and begin to rock the whole universe. You will get to customize your band, roadies and managers and even have the rock start life.

The Black Eyed Peas Experience

The Black Eyed Peas12

Do you have what it takes to follow dance step instructions on screen? If so, then you need The Black Eyed Peas Experience. You will be judged by your dance performance and the main goal is to be able to keep up with the dance moves. Create an avatar and learn new routines to some of the best Black Eyed Peas jams.

Michael Jackson: The Experience

Michael Jackson12

Are you ready to enjoy some of the best songs and dance moves from the King of Pop? If so, then you are ready for Michael Jackson: The Experience. You will be able to learn some of the greatest dance moves as you follow his moves on the screen. You will even get to enjoy his music as well.

Big Time Rush

Big Time Rush2

If you are a fan of Big Time Rush then you are going to love their dance party and karaoke like no other. You will be able to dance and sing along with their songs the best that you can. You will be judged on how well you do. There are even some pretty cool effects that you be able use.


Sing Party12

SingParty will give you a chance to interact with your family and friends and have a lot of fun while you sing. You won’t be judged on how well you do, just how much you have fun with it. There are plenty of songs that you can choose from and even have fun dancing too as well.

Singing Superstar

Singing Superstar 11

Have you ever had moments that you just burst out in song? If so then you need Singing Superstar. You will be able to get the party started and keep it going as you sing along to some of the best hits out there. You can use it with music on your computer or you can purchase songs from the collection.

SingStar Dance

SingStar Dance12_

Do you want to get your groove on while you burst out in song? Then you need SingStar Dance. You will be able to play alone or with your friends as you play some of the greatest hits from oldies to big hits today. There are plenty of songs that you can choose from and lots of dance moves that you can do.

UltraStar Deluxe

UltraStar Deluxe11

Singing can be a lot of fun and now it can be even better when you sing karaoke with your best friends. UltraStar Deluxe gives you a chance to sing in the privacy of your home and in front of people that you know. There are plenty of favorite tunes and even new hits.

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