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Here is a list of games that are similar to Star Studio.

Movie Star Planet

Movie Star Planet1

This is a great world of fantasy for those that have always thought about becoming a movie star and for those who haven’t. Once you get signed-up you will begin creating your very own avatar. Which in this case means a celebrity with a high status.  You will be able to create a style all of your own.

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Stardom: The A-List


A game for those who think about living the life of a celebrity, as it gives you the chance to flirt on your way to the top. It is going to require you to be on set doing the same work you would be doing after becoming a famous celebrity.

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Club Cooee


Welcome to the online community game, you will find it to be unique, fun, and exciting. It lets you build yourself an online home, create your own avatar, socialize with the avatar of other gamers, an so much more. It features 3D chatrooms and you can use the Windows Club Cooee chat widget.

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The Sims FreePlay

The Sims FreePlay

This game allows you to create, and customize as many as 31 characters . Your characters will be able to get married and have babies, and watch them as they grow up. All of this will be happening as you are designing your very own home. Your home can be one-story, two-story, or whatever you want it to be.

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My Sunny Resort

Beach resort in an island with swimming pool, cottages, hotels and other buildings.

My Sunny Resort is already a great vacation spot, however, once you take over and make a few minor changes it is gooing to be even better, so you need to get started as soon as possible because there’s already a waiting list of people that have reserve their stay for their next vacation.

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Kapi Hospital

Kapi Hospital8

Your role will be as a doctor in a wacky hospital who treats patients that are literally crazy. It is full of humor and lots of laughter. Throughout the game play you are going to come across 77 different illnesses (and their remedies). It includes several different emergency cases to keep the excitement going for you.

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Garbage Garage

Garbage Garage11

Wouldn’t it be great to own a scrap yard and be able to smash up anything you wanted or hang on to a few things that you wanted. Well here is your chance to do just that. You have happened upon a competitive game where you can play against other gamers in this car game that is filled with excitement and more.

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My Free Zoo

My Free Zoo2

You will be managing your very own oo in this fun and exciting gameplay. It allows you to design and customize the structure of the Zoo anyway you would like., putting in more souvenir shops is a good idea. You begin  this playing the role of the Zoo’s Director and start raising three totally different types of animals.

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My Fantastic Park

My 11

This simulation gameplay is going to put you on  top of the world as you glide through My Fantastic Park as the Director of the park  You will be responsible for creating and constructing all the parks rides, along with all the attractions a park is going to need. So let’s get started.

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2020 My Country

2020 My6

Welcome to the game that allows you to create the future the way you think it should be or the way you think it will be. It is a city building gameplay that has lots to offer inn the way of options and great features. So, keep in mind that the future is now in your hands.

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Bonga Online

Bonga Online

Your role will be that of the spirit of the island Bonga, and you are going to have a great adventure withthetribal people called the Bongies. You will also be giving a helping hand as you journey through this adventure making sure that the tribal people’s life’s are perfect as can be.

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