Games Like Pixie Hollow

Here is a list of games that are similar to Pixie Hollow.

Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique

Disney Fairies Fashion BoutiqueDisney Fairies Fashion Boutique is for the fashionista in you! This is a game that you can create beautiful tops, bottoms, and dresses of any color! Tinker Bell owns this awesome boutique, where do you think all the fairies get the latest fashions? J You can become a virtual fashion shop owner within seconds with this game!

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Disney City Girl


Disney City Girl is a game after all of our hearts! This game is about a young lady wanting to break away from her life on the farm and experience new adventures in the big city of New York! What is so cool is when she arrives in New York she finds that some of her friends decided to do the same thing!

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Crazy Fairies

Crazy Fairies16

Cute art and your favorite fairy tale characters are just the start of what makes Crazy Fairies so intriguing and exciting. You also have exciting, intense battles, the chance to build an arsenal and strategies, and the opportunity to take out other players from nearly any platform, from phone to PC to social network.

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Chobots is created in a beautiful array of colors!  This game is animated and very entertaining! The play is casual and can be enjoyed by the whole family! Does not cost anything to play!

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Club Penguin


Club Penguin is a non-violent game that has been created for every age! This game is a great place to meet and make new friends. There are tons of mini-games for you to enjoy! Most of all you will love your cute penguin character! J There are activities that will allow you to interact with other players!

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ToonTown Online


ToonTown Online is an awesome game! It is looney tooney! You have several characters to choose from to create your avatar and you can speak and interact with every character and meet new friends too! You have to battle with the bad guys and you can travel to several places on the toon train!

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Wizard 101

Wizard 101 chat

Wizard 101 is a virtual magic school that will let you interact with other wizard students and play magic games and learn spells. But, one thing no one expected was for the school to be attacked. Everyone will have to join forces to save the school from destruction!

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Disney Universe

Disney_Universe3Disney Universe is a game that is an adventure! The two worlds of Disney will collide and become the funniest universe ever created! The Disney Universe is always expanding and everyone has to join in and defeat the bad guys! You can play alone or with others! There is a new experience around every corner!

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Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers

Disney Animal 10Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers is an awesome game that can be found on social networks for you to play. This game is a virtual game that will allow you to create you very own animal kingdom and create homes for you and the animals to live together in harmony!

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Disney’s Ghost of Mistwood

Disney's Ghost of MistwoodDisney’s Ghost of Mistwood is an awesome adventure game and a place that you can lose track of time. You are able to create a town out of buildings that are available in the build shop and you have tasks that you will have to complete in order to complete the construction of the buildings.

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  • I_Forgot_My_Username

    I think that around the time this game shut down, which left me in freaking tatters because now I can’t even remember my account’s username or password and I miss every inch of it, other games like it were being shut down too. They said on the original website that they shut down because the internet was trying to shrink the giant number of games on it, or some ridiculous reason. But it was something around those lines, so WHY did they have to shut down the websites that didn’t SUCK?! Weeworld is garbage. It lags too much and I can’t think of one thing that could be a big part of my childhood like PH was. I think I abandoned Weeworld before playing it for an hour. I was that bored. I wouldn’t even mind if they shut down Club Penguin. So why in heck did they take down THIS ONE?! It was my freaking LIFE! Also, they gave us no way to play most of those fun minigames anymore. I just want to be able to play that game where you help those little birds fly and eat berries once in a while when I miss the actual PH. That was fun, it was my favorite minigame. If anyone knows what the name of it is and if I can play it somewhere, please tell me!!

  • Deej Keith DeCree Jr.

    I found this game a long time ago where you could be a fairy or a human. And you could play minigames and be whatever you wanted to. Like a knight or something. It was super fun. But I forgot what it was called.

  • appleajade

    omg its back its back!! in disney pixie hollow not the original! its brand new but you can’t talk how sad 🙁 :'(

  • Joy

    its like you are me. i am also 15 and miss it so much! i miss the fashions the way that you gathered berries and ivy and parties and the way your wings fluttered when you flew and how you wished you had a faster laptop hahahha. i miss everything i honestly just want it back and i would also do anything. if i had to pay millions of dollars for it to come back i would live my life making that money just to put it up again.

  • Pearl


  • Pearl

    I WILL NEVER get over pixie hollow….it was the best game, it is the best game and it FOREVER will be the best game :'(

  • Pearl

    #beautiful #memories :’)

  • Sakenzie98

    Yeah, Pixie hollow was my childhood. I still want it back

  • Wolfblood Gaming

    Still nothing to replace Pixie ughh why did they have to get rid of it

  • SilverWolf567

    i”m 16 as well and i loved that game!! i have always loved any thing to do with fairies (and still do) so i was upset for weeks afterwards, even now when i think about it it makes upset all over again.
    goodbye pixie hollow! no other game can compare to you.
    R.I.P Rose Tigerlily

    • Eve Wickens

      What I don’t understand is if everyone is saying how much they miss it and wanting it back why don’t they reopen it! It’s obviously a very popular game

      • SilverWolf567

        it is. Disney just wants to make us suffer!!!

  • Melody Roberts

    Please somebody tell me,why the pixie hollow bellied up

  • Rani

    well there is a new website called Fairyabc, It is amazing, and fun it is a recreation of pixie hollow, just like the hollow it has a map, you can create a fairy and everything, there are only a few glitches, but is not owned by disney. 🙂 I hope that you love fairyabc, as much as i do, Here is the link: once you get there click play pixie hollow and then it will lead you to registration if you are new and need to make a account. I hope that brightens your day.

  • hahahigirl22

    I loved pixie hollow as a kid

  • hahahigirl22

    I miss it

  • IAmNoOne

    I reaaaally want to find another game like Pixie hollow. Someone please create it. Seriously, that was my jam.. 18years old and shameless lover of Pixie hollow.

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