Games Like MySims

Here is a list of games that are similar to MySims.



WoozWorld is going to have you voting on who you think has the best Unitz and Woozen. You will do things that earn you in-game currency, called Beex and Wooz that can be used for buying things. There are hundreds of games and videos to watch, and much more to stay busy.

Secret Builders

Secret builders11

If you’re looking for a community that is filled with mini games, then Secret Builders is just the one you want. You’re going to find various topics from math and history to art and science that tests your knowledge. You’ll be rewarded with cold coins, that that’s used for buying things.



If you are looking for something where you can meet new people and make new friends, what better place than Friendbase? You are going to chat and create, hang and play! You will find it’s not robots, but real people that you interact with here, and you can do it on the go!

Our World


Our World has all types of mini games that will keep you busy for hours. From different types of pool, to shooters and even Bejeweled. The amount of ways you can stay busy here is nearly endless and up to you. You’ll earn coins that can be used for doing things, and experience to level up.



In Smeet you’re going to be able to furnish a house the way you want to, and dress your character up too. You will be able to meet people from all over the world and invite your friends to hang out too! You’ll always find something to keep you busy in this virtual reality.



Prepare to show off your personality by choosing the avatar that best fits you. You will have many types to choose from, including Cosplay and The Dark Side or Street Swag, just to name a few. Each category will have multiple options available as well. Which one will you choose?

Second Life Game


When you enter Second Life, you may find yourself overwhelmed with things to do. You can be a dancer, a bouncer, a store owner, real estate agent, graphic designer, DJ, coder, the options are endless and only you determine what you will do in your second life.

Club Cooee

Club Cooee

Welcome to Club Cooee, where you are going to be decorating your home to appear the way you want too, while choosing out of many looks. You will do the same with your avatar too, and you will have 3D clubs to visit, or even DJ in if you choose to play music. Hang with friends and more!

Habbo Hotel


If you’re into traveling the world, but unable to get around the world in person, Habbo Hotel is going to let you meet new people from around the globe. You will be visiting 30 different hotels where each one represents a different country around the world.

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