Games Like Monkey Quest

Here is a list of games that are similar to Monkey Quest.

Giana Sisters

Giana Sisters2

This beautiful world gibes you a chance to find hidden treasures and even explore new areas in this world. You will have to collect, dodge, escape, and fight your way through all the levels until you have become successful. Each level will get harder, and you will have to think, but you will have fun.

The Cave

The Cave10

Are you ready to enter a world that is filled with stories and puzzles? The Cave will keep you going as you play as different characters and unique puzzles. You will have to find the greatest desire of your character. It can be hard, but you will have a lot of fun as you make your way through the Cave.

Wizard 101


Becoming a wizard is no longer so difficult. With Wizard 101, you can learn in a way that is simple and interesting. You can improve upon your character and continue to build your skills in the massive game that offers many more options as you go on.

Gaia Online


Gaia’s huge success comes from its quality and options. In this game, you can create and customize your own avatar in a massive number of ways, leaving you with something entirely unique. This is more than a simple game, and it is something that will have you hooked quickly.



In Dofus, you can fight, explore, and make friends in a massive world that is simple to use and navigate. You can find something to love and do wherever you are, all while making friends across the globe. This is an incredibly entertaining and enjoyable game that all people will want to play, and can.



From small cells to massive creatures, this game gives you the chance to create your very own species. You will be able to change its appearance, develop it, and do more throughout the game. You can take advantage of the many opportunities and options available in this game to have the creature that you really do want.

Pirate 101

Pirates 101 6

Explore, battle, level up, and customize your character in Pirate 101. There is a lot in this game, a lot more than you might think, so it is not going to stop entertaining you for a long, long time. Whether you are in it for the gold or you are in it for the fame, your pirate is going to come out on top and keep you smiling.

Broken Age

Broken Age12

Enter a world that is about a boy who lives on a spaceship and a girl who has been chosen to be a sacrifice to a monster in the village that she lives in. Follow their journeys as you pursue adventure and fight destiny in order break free and enjoy life in a whole new light.

Fiesta Online

Fiesta_Online_screenshots_2Any MMORPG fan will love Fiesta Online. This gives you the traditional gaming experience with its own twists and additions to it. You will be able to explore, chat, fight, and do more, all in a way that is inviting and enjoyable. You can always find something fun and exciting when you explore the world of Fiesta Online.

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