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This game has you dealing with the best of the fashion world. You are going to be putting together some of the greatest outfits that you can find to show off to others and try to win. With a massive selection of clothes and accessories, you can always find something interesting and attractive to wear.

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Miss Bimbo


Anyone with an interest in fashion and learning will love Miss Bimbo. In this game, you are going to have your own bimbo and you are going to learn, socialize, and have fun. During all of this, you can even play with fashion and make the most out of everything that is offered.

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Spark City World


This game offers you a way to have fun and socialize safely. There is a large community available to you along with many options. You can play, talk, decorate, and customize until everything is not only perfect, but also as enjoyable as possible for you, and you can continue this throughout the game.

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Elite Dollz

Elite Dollz6

Get ready to focus all of your attention on the various fashion options available as you create a character and play for popularity. Your character will increase in popularity over time, allowing you to possibly become the most popular character in game. You will also be finding hidden objects.

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There is a lot to do when you play Barbie! Among the activities and features available is decorating your home and chatting with friends. You can even adopt a pet if you would like to, allowing you to have a nice virtual companion. There is a lot to do and enjoy when it comes to Barbie.

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Polly World from Polly Pocket


Everyone knows and loves Polly Pocket, especially since it has been around for years. With this new virtual version, there is a new way to enjoy one of your favorite characters. Play games, customize, watch videos, and have a lot of fun in the new and exciting world of Polly World.

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Oh My Dollz


When you have your doll in Oh My Dollz, you are going to customize it in a way that goes further than what others offer. There are many ways to make your doll unique, and you can have a lot of fun with this. Once you are finished, go on adventures and begin enjoying the game with this!

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Lady Popular

With Lady Popular you will be able to choose your characters outfit, with more than 16 million combinations available. You won’t get bored and being unique is an understatement with all the options at hand. If you’re looking for something you can spend time in fashion, then this is it.

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Movie Star Planet


Most of us have, at some point, dreamt of becoming famous and being the center of everyone’s attention. With Movie Star Planet, you can do that quickly and in a very fun way. This is a massive and exciting world that offers various features to make everything more enjoyable for everyone.

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Social Girl

Social-Girl 5

From crushing to dressing up, playing Social Girl gives you the chance to do more than other similar games can offer. You will have many options available to you and the ability to make this game your own. Have fun, explore, and enjoy every piece of the game more than you thought possible.

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