Games Like Kingdom Island

Here is a list of games that are similar to Kingdom Island.

Animal Jam


You and your new dragon, which you will be adopting, are going to a virtual world of fantasy. Those who live there call it Jamaa. This world of fantasy has thousands of different animals living there. You are going to be seeing everything through the eyes of your dragon, once it has been trained of course.

Bin Weevils


You will be taking your Weevil around with you by carrying it in a Bin. It offers several different mini games, if you complete these you earn money, which can be used to purchase mulch, which can be use to get other things for your Weevil. It offers the chance to experience the daily life of a bug.



You will be trying to get around some slippery areas, climb unimaginable towers, get through lava, and many other unthinkable things in this virtual world filled with complex, yet fun and exciting puzzle like adventures. It is fast pace and requires a quick response. You’ll need to get to and fro from the mouse hole to the cheese, and back again.

Moshi Monsters


This new approach to education is a way to make learning actually fun. The features include many different activities to complete and have fun with, such as puzzles that need to be solved and fun and interesting quizzes. Remember, the faster these activities are completed, the sooner you will be able to level up.



This is an online world that helps improve your English while having fun in a narrative style universe. You will encounter flamingos that speak English and possess various personalities. MingoVille allows anyone a fun and exciting way to learn English as a second language, and the instructions are translated from 32 various languages.

FrankTown Rocks


Let the inner child out in FrankTown Rocks as you take a stroll through the city and make new friends from all over the work, create your own music, watch videos and play games. There are even activities you can do to earn virtual money known as Franks, then use them to purchase in-game items such as instruments and accessories.

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