Games Like Kuboo

Here is a list of games that are similar to Kuboo.



Welcome to this socially interactive world of fantasy and role playing. The feature offer many great options to enhance your gameplay. One of the feature that will make your gaming more exciting is the idea of having your very own Unitz, giving you an opportunity to experience the responsibility of decorating ad fixing up your own place.

Habbo Hotel


Made up by using thirty different hotels, Habbo Hotel has been designed with each of its hotels representing a different country. It is the perfect choice for anyone that wants to get away from their reality for a while by going into their own little virtual world. It lets you interact with people from all over the world.

Club Cooee


Now you can build you a home online, a place for you to go when you need to get away from everything else. It lets you It allows you to socialize with others, visit chat rooms, and it offers a fast and fun chatting feature. After creating your avatar you will begin to start your virtual life by building your avatar a home.



This is a virtual community that offers 3D chatting. You choose your avatar and dress your avatar in all the nice clothes and accessories that you buy for it. Meet other gamer from all over the world, decorate you home, and more. This is the place where just about anything can be made to happen.



As a new MMO role playing game this brings to you a virtual world full of activities, with a multitude of games for hours up on hours of excitement and endless fun. After creating your avatar you can begin by exploring the city. You are going to be able to meet new friends here, some from all over the world.

Our World


You will find plenty of gaming lounges in this virtual world of fantasy world where you will have no problems getting around and interacting with new people. When you spot someone you are interested in meeting you have a few different choices in the way you go about it, which is to either walk up to them and begin talking or sending them an email.

Secret Builders


Secret Builders is a game that lets you get some educational value while also enjoying a few laughs. It is basically focused around many different social activities that are safe to get evolved with. The features include multiple things for your pleasure and mini games. There are gold coins to be earned that you can use for anything you want within the game of course.



Welcome to the online world of IMVU, a virtual reality environment where you will be able to meet people from all over the world. Customize your character and show it off to those around you, chat with friends and have great time doing so. Want to decorate yourself, go right ahead and accessorize!

Second Life Game


Second Life welcomes you to a virtual reality where you can create just that, a second life. You have the ability to fully customize your avatar, and everything around it. You will be able to buy and sell all sorts of items and products, even real estate! Best of all, if you can’t find it, you can learn to make it.

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