Games Like GalaStories

Here is a list of games that are similar to GalaStories.



This virtual 3D world will have you chatting with all your friends right in the browser. You will be able to play it anywhere you have an internet connection, even your parents basement, if needed. If you’re looking for something with a wonderful community, then you should give Smeet a try.

Movie Star Planet


Movie Star Planet will take you to a world that you have imagined-that of being a movie star. You can create your avatar which will eventually become a movie star. You will personalize your avatar’s looks, style, and other things. You earn as you play games and compete.

Our World


You’re in for a treat in this virtual world, it lets you make new friends, or should you want to just compliment on what others are wearing, thats fine too. You get your very own email box where you will get information regarding your new challenges and other stuff connected with the game.

Fashion Story

Fashion Story 8

Fashion Story gives you the opportunity to run your own clothing store. You can make alterations to your shop and your avatar as often as you desire if you have the earned the necessary funds. If you do not pick up your order on time you lose your money. You have to work in order to be successful.



There will be plenty of fun, and exciting activities offered giving you an experience you want forget. First you will pick out your avatar and customize it. Next, create a Woozen, and after you have finished with the Woozen you will create a Unitz for your Woozen. Now you are ready to transform the world!

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