Games Like Fashion Master

Here is a list of games that are similar to Fashion Master.

Style Me Girl


Style Me Girl is the best place to go if you want to dress up models or celebrities with clothes, make up, hair and more. You can choose from 17 different models, so you can experience what your design looks like on various models. You can even go shopping for your model.

Fashion Dream

Fashion Dream6

Have you been looking for a fashion game that isn’t just about dressing up dolls? Then Fashion Dream is just for you. There isn’t anything else like it out there. Play as Vera who wants to go to fashion school but she can’t afford it, so you create your own fashion store.

Our World


Are you ready for a new type of world that will let you do more than just chat with people from all over the world? Our World will give you a chance to purchase items that you can place in your condo, play mini-games, fill up a flow meter for experience and so much more.

Stardoll Game


Do you want to wear some of the fashions from Jordin Sparks, Rihanna, One Direction, or would you like to create your own clothing to wear? Stardoll will allow you to do both. You will have a chance to do more than just create an avatar to dress up. You can go shopping as well.

Lady Popular


Lady Popular is going to give you millions of ways to customize your character, from makeup to breast size, but what is all this good for if you are not able to have fun, right? You will have various locations where you will be able to hang out as well, from libraries to malls and more.



Here are several of the activities you will enjoy throughout your journey: completing different missions, play numerous other games, earn money to buy items, voting, and participate in Spellz battles with other gamers. There will be plenty to do once your avatar has been created and of course the home for your avatar has been established.

Virtual PopStar

Virtual PopStar10

Virtual PopStar is the one place that you can go to become a world famous pop star. You will have to work hard, put on concerts, travel the world on tours, and so much more. If you want to earn coins you will have to keep practicing to build up a fan base for your tours.

Dream Mining


Dream Mining is great for any age, as long as you have an interest in being creative and letting lose you can be a fashion designer, musician, or even a film maker. You will be able to earn dream dollars, then spend them on new items. You will have games and quests too.

Movie Star Planet


Get ready to create your avatar to look the way you want, but there’s a surprise. It turns out that your new avatar has talent and eventually becomes a high class movie star. You will have the option of cloths galore, and you can even make your very own clothing!

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