Games Like CityVille

Here is a list of games that are similar to CityVille:

Cities: Skylines

Cities - Skylines

If you enjoy games where you get to build up cities then you will love the detail put into this simulation. You will be the mayor of your city, and you must keep everything running smoothly. You will have to find the right balance to help keep everyone happy as well, if this sounds fun to you then check it out!

2020 My Country

(2020)My Country

Many people enjoy history, and that is where most games focus their environments. However,  in this one you will be building a city of the future, and you are only limited to the your imagination. You will be rebuilding an island in the near future, are you ready to take on this task?

Cities XL Platinum

Cities XL 11

Are you ready to building your very own virtual city. You will have to work hard to design, create, build and even link your cities together. You can go all out with whatever type of city that you feel like creating. You can help your citizens and be more than just a creator.

Sim City

Sim City1

Create your own world where you can do more than just build. Everything that you do will have a consequence. You will have to deal with small or large parts of you city. Since the recent updates, you can now play with friends and even take on bigger projects like managing 16 cities at once.

Airport City

Airport City

This super addictive game will give you a chance to show everyone what you are about when you and your friends create a place that is built around an airport. You can build houses, visit your friends cities, and even buy more land to keep your airport city expanding to hold more people and make more money.

Anno 2070

Anno 2070

Alright, if you like the future scene, the year here is 2070 and you will be in a world with rising ocean levels that have really brought the place down, like total destruction to all the coastal cities. Land has become uninhabitable and much more. You will face many challenges, are you up for it?

Rising Cities

Rising Cities

This is a building simulation that gives you all sorts of strategies to work with. You will be putting in a lot of time and work, but it’s all worth it in the end as you look at the great place you created from a vision. You will have to consider how residents feel about the location of things though, so you can’t place it just anywhere!

Tropico 5


This unique world builder will let you start at the beginning in your era and moving forward in time. You will have new challenges, new rewards, and a lot of advanced trading as well as scientific research. You even have a chance to play with 4 other people in your world.



Building your own city is a lot of hard work in real life, but you now have a chance to really show your skills in a social world that will let you build a city that is how you want it. You will have to build, manage, and have everything running smoothly as you depend on money and a lot of time to grow a great city.

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