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Here is a list of games that are similar to Baby Baby – Online.

Baby Blimp

Baby Blimp-3

This happens to be about the story of where babies come from. If you think you have what it takes to finish all your tasks within the time frame then you will love Baby Blimp. You will have to keep the babies happy and healthy before they are delivered.

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Mommy’s New Baby

Mommy’s 6

Your mommy is having a brand new baby and before it arrives, she will have to care for a baby to see what it is like. You have to help your mommy keep the baby happy and healthy and once the baby is here you have to help to keep your mommy happy too.

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Babysitting 4

Get ready for a room of crying babies. You will have to work your back to the bone as you try to make sure that all the babies stay happy before their parents come to pick them up from the Kindergarten. This has to be done before the time runs out.

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Baby Adopter


Here is your chance to see what it would be like to be a parent of your very own virtual baby. You will have a chance to really shine as you show the world that you can care for a baby of your own. Feed it, clean it, and even change the diaper of your own virtual baby.

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Virtual Families

Virtual families

Get ready for a new spin on a great social media game. You will get a chance to adopt your very own family and watch them grow old and have babies of their own. Watch the house grow as well as your people and keep them happy or they may get sick.

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The Adorable And Demanding Twins


Your babysitter has went shopping and now it is up to you to care for the naughty twins who are refusing to get dressed. You will have to work hard to get them dressed in nice clothes as they are constantly asking for toys to keep you busy.

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Mila has opened her very own kindergarten. You will have to work hard to keep all the babies happy as you wait for the parents to come in to get their little ones. You can earn coins that you can use to upgrade the exterior and interior of the building.

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Garden Baby Bathing


Are you ready to care for a baby of your very own. You will be bathing your baby to get it ready to go play in the garden with all of its favorite toys. This cute baby will be a handful because you have to keep your baby happy while you give it a bath.

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Super Mom


Compete against your neighbor in a race to see who is the better mom. You will have to work very hard to show the next door neighbor that you are the super mom and that you are better than her as you rush to finish your tasks in the time that is given.

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Baby Caring


Get ready to care for your very own baby. You will have to bathe it, feed it, and even put clothes on it. Work hard to keep your baby happy and from crying as you see what it would be like to have a baby of your very own.

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Rookie Nurse


If you have ever wanted to see what it would be like to be a nurse, here is your chance. You will have to work hard to take care of all of the newborn babies that are on your floor. Keep them happy as you bathe, feed, and even change their diapers.

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Baby Hazel Mothers Day


Baby Matt has been taking all of Hazel’s mom’s time and now it gets to be all about Hazel. Get ready for a way to celebrate mother’s day with caring for Hazel. Do you have what it takes to keep her happy as well as healthy for this mother’s day?

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