Cody Simpson Games

Here is a list of games that feature the teen heartthrob singer, Cody Simpson:

Cody Ball

Cody_BallAre you a fan of Cody Simpson? If you want to spend some time playing with you favorite celeb, then try out this fun mobile app where you get as many Cody heads into the goal within the 30 seconds time limit and see how far you can score in this game. So are you ready? Set…go!

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Dress Up Cody Simson


Dress Up Cody Simpson lets you pick all of the clothing for your own personal Cody Simpson. You can pick his shoes, jackets, ties, and pants and allow him to look the way you have always wanted him to look. You can even print him or email him to show off your sense of style to all of your friends!

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Guess The Pic – one direction edition


Guess The Pic – one direction edition is a fun guessing game where one block is removed at a time while you guess who is underneath! This edition features the band One Direction! You can have all the fun of viewing One Direction while also proving you are the ultimate fan!

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DM Quiz – Do You Know Cody Simpson?


Are you a Cody Simpson superfan?  If you are, you will have no problem answering questions about this Aussie pop star. Enjoy flaunting your knowledge of fun trivia about your favorite idol in the music scene. DM Quiz – Do You Know Cody Simpson?

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Cody Simpson’s Look


Cody Simpson’s Look lets you style Cody Simpson in the way you have always wanted him to look! From his hair style, to his glasses, to his jewelry, to his eye shadow, the power is in your hands! This is the game where you finally get the Cody Simpson of your dreams.

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Celebrity games: Cody Simpson Games

cody-simpson-gamesIn Cody Simpson Games sometimes you’ll get to dress him up or give him a makeover, but in this one you’re going to learn to play guitar as well as he does! All you need in this music game is the arrow keys on your keyboard.

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Touch Dance 2


Do you like to get out on the dance floor?  Touch Dance™ 2 allows your fingers to get into the groove with this dance game app for iPad, iPod touch and iPhone. So you can “dance” to Cody Simpson and thousands of other artists when you choose to enter this portable club.

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Touch Dance 3


Touch Dance™ 3 is an updated version of that innovative dance game app for iPad, iPod touch and iPhone. You have a choice of nine club scenes and two styles of play, during which you can tap it out to Cody Simpson and other artists who make your body move.

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The Cody Simpson Quiz


You can challenge your knowledge of your favorite pop star by answering questions on The Cody Simpson Quiz. This quiz keeps it simple by giving you a choice of two answers. So, you can pass the time finding out how much you know about this singer from down under, or you can learn from your mistakes.

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Take a Pop Quiz: Cody Simpson


Why not make the rounds and test how much you know about your number one pop star? Take a Pop Quiz: Cody Simpson allows you to multiple choice your way to earning points when you can correctly answer questions about this cutie from down under.

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Cody Simpson Booth


How would you like to see yourself in a picture with your number one pop singer? Cody Simpson Booth allows you to take a picture of yourself or select one from your device, and then layer Cody into the picture. You can have a great time seeing how you look next to this Australian cutie.

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