Cat Virtual Worlds

Here is a list of virtual worlds that feature cats as pets:

Pet City

Pet City6Pet City revolves around a little shop of pets. Start off with choosing your favorite pet and then start playing endlessly! The game is dripping in cuteness and you will simply adore it. It is also highly engaging.


Foopets13Through Foopets, you will not just have a lot of fun but you will also learn responsibility in an enjoyable manner. Start off by adopting a kitten or a puppy and then play with your little pet endlessly. Take good care of your pet just like you would in real life.

Happy Pets

Happypets7Happy Pets will definitely make you happy mainly because it has cute and cuddly pets in store for you. Here, you adopt a pet kitten or pup and groom, feed, play, and keep it safe, all the while making sure that you keep the pet happy! You can also give them a unique look with accessories!


neopets13Neopets is a lot more than just fun and entertainment. It is all about learning values such as saving money and focusing on a goal. What better way to sharpen those skills than through enjoyment? The animals in this game are cute and definitely out of the world! Adopt four Neopets and start exploring!

Littlest Pet Shop

Littlest Pet Shop4

Aright people, it has finally arrived for your Smartphone! Littlest Pet Shop allows you to collect pets, and there are 150 that range from dogs and cats, to bears and horses! You will be able to feed and care for them, bath and even play with the pets. You can also build various areas for them.

Fantastic Pets

Fantastic Pets12

If you are wanting a pet game, then check this one out as you get to train your pets! It’s great for all ages, and keeps your interest as your uncle who has a large collection of animals and needs you to help care for them while he’s gone. You start with one, and increase as you progress.


sqwishland4Sqwishland is a safe and healthy platform for kids looking to enjoy, play, and chat. It is a perfect amalgamation of fun and learning. Play games, explore, chat, play with your pet, and do what pleases you here!

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