Virtual Updates: Smeet, Wizard 101, SmallWorlds, and More!

Welcome back!

New Smeet Challenge and Game

Per usual, Smeet is all about the fun challenges, and right now they’re running one geared towards your inner interior designer. If you win the challenge, you’ll receive 300 coins and an exclusive badge!

To start, you need to go get the free black room in the Smeet Shop; in general Smeet challenge fashion, they’ve decided to make this quite difficult by forcing you to show your skills off in a black and white room! After you have the free room, you’ll need to purchase the four different Smeet Interior Designer Items in the shop (they’re hanging out over in the special section).


Once you have all of that, you need to decorate the room, including the four items from the shop as well as anything else you want to add. Take a screen shot of your finished product and email it to

You need to do all of this by April 15th, so get started! Once all of the submission are in, Smeet will choose the top 3 designs, feature them on the blog, and give the number one designer the prize.

If interior design isn’t your thing, Smeet recently added a new Tattooing Game to the site. You can snag it in the Furniture Shop for just 99 coins and then play up to three times per day! Once you win all of the necessary needles, you’ll become an official virtual tattoo artist. You’ll also earn lots of fame points, exclusive badges, and tattoos for your portfolio based on how often you play and if you complete the task.

So, are you going to show your flair for interior design, get to work tattooing or be an over-achiever and tackle both? Let us know in the comments below!

Wizard 101 Sale!


From now until April 19th, Wizard 101 is selling all of their permanent mounts for 5,000 crowns or less! This amounts to up to a 67-percent discount depending on the mount you choose (the best discounts are on the soon-to-be-discontinued Manta Ray and Auroch mounts), and it’s a great way to try out new stuff! If you’re feeling up to spending the crowns, you can snag the brand new Jeweled Scarab mount, or one of the returning favorites: Bat Wings, Purple Glider, or White Mare.

SmallWorlds Updates

Despite its name, SmallWorlds has been making some pretty hefty changes! You can now share your in-world pictures on Facebook with a handy-dandy share button, which uploads it directly to an album on your page. You can also earn gold anywhere on the site by clicking the “Do Offers” option at the bottom of your screen. The chat feature now comes with a “busy” option as well, so you can let others know your status while you’re working away on other things!

There’s also new Play Robot Wings in red and purple over at the Emporium! The purple wings require a Level 80 Social XP, but when you wear them you earn 20 speed points, 20 health points and 20 arcane resistance points. The red wings are a bit stricter, requiring a Level 90 Social XP. But, you get a whopping 25 speed points, 25 health points and 24 arcane resistance points!


While you’re in the Emporium, make sure to check out the new avadroids while you’re not too busy gawking at the new design – SmallWorlds recently added a whole new level to the store!

WoozWorld News

WoozWorld is coming to your Android device with a brand new app! There’s no hard launch date yet, but the app should be released in the next few weeks.

They’ve also recently updated their pet options with speaking, moving, stunt-pulling WooPetz! These new pets have an independent streak a mile wide and plenty of personality. The best part is that you no longer have to feed or clean them – they can handle that all on their own!

Elder Scrolls – Free Weekend!              

For all you Elder Scrolls beta players out there who haven’t taken the plunge and bought the game outright yet, the company is letting players check out all of the new features in the game for free from April 16th to April 20th. You’ll be able to download the game, which is only 40GB, and play unencumbered during the trial period.

While this is definitely a way for Elder Scrolls to try and convince people to finally purchase the game, it’s still a pretty cool idea! However, if you’re not already signed up for beta, signing up now won’t do much good – it’s only open to players enrolled prior to the announcement, at least as far as we know.

Let us know in the comments below if you plan to participate!

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