Games Like Hatchlings

Here is a list of games that are similar to Hatchlings.



You have the options if adopting a dog are: Dalmatian, Poodle, Rottweiler, Retrievers, and more to be your pet. Once you adopt your pet you must tend to it on a daily basis by feeding and watering it, keeping it happy, exercising it, and giving it a good home. If Adopting a cat, the options are Siamese and Persians, and more.

Animal Jam


You will be taken your new adopted dragon to a place called Jamaa, it is a fantastic virtual world that is crawling with thousands of critters. After you have trained your new dragon your will progress the journey through its eyes and get to experience how dragon’s live day to day.

Creature Breeder

Creature Breeder12

This is a totally new simulation gameplay. Creature Breeder will start you out with your very own virtual farm and you can have a variety of different creatures that you breed yourself. It will even let you cross breed, so you may end up with a special kind of creature, one that will be rare and valuable.



Get ready to get busy. While you are here there are things you will need to be doing all the time, such as decorating and expanding, creating and evolving, breeding, and baking, among many other things. You will collect pets and evolve them through the different stages in their life.



Get started right away and have your very own family of Boonies to care for, feed, and dress-up. You and your family of Boonies will live in a universe of excitement and adventures. Feel free to change up their style whenever you like. Don’t forget that your Boonies will need sleep just like you do.

School of Dragons

School-of-Dragons 3

Your dragon likes to eat fish, lots of fish. It is extremely important to always remember to pet your dragon as much as possible, you don’t want it to forget you are his friend. This is going to teach you about the history between the dragons and humans. You even get to fly with your dragon.

Fantastic Pets

Fantastic Pets1

It lets you customize your animals however you want, from size to having fur, not having fur, you can give them horns or give them wings, there are many different options available for you to give to your animals. They can also be given a cute, cuddly, and friendly personality or if you had rather, you can make them to be wild and mean.

Littlest Pet Shop


Blythe and her friends, Russell, Pepper, Penny, Vinnie, Sunil, and Zoe need you to help them take care of all their animals, and help get them adopted out. There are 150 animals to be collected, and a variety of them. They will need to be cared for, fed and watered on a daily basis, loved and kept happy, and they will need baths.

The Sims 3 Pets

The Sims 3 Pets12

Hurry up and get your pet designed and created, and customized. Then give it a personality that suits you and be on your way for some great adventuring. You will take your pet everywhere you go and the two of you can search for rare relics together. This offers a lot of mysteries that you and your pet will have to solve.

Star Stable

Starstable2You are about to embark upon a girl they call Jorvik, who came from the ocean and was once a cold hard rock that laid at the bottom of the ocean until one day a falling star fell on her and turned her into a girl. You will create and customize your horse when the game begins, riding together throughout your travels here.

Bin Weevils


This is your opportunity to find out what a bugs life is really like, as you will hang out with a Weevil throughout this adventure and you will be directing him through a Bin. The missions are set up so that you can send the Weevil to carry them out. It is also got a lot of mini games to offer you.

Happy Pets


This is a great game for those whose parents are not ready for you to have a dog or cat. After beginning you will choose a dog or a cat for your pet, There are numerous items that can be gotten for to decorate your pets living space, such as: bedding, scratching posts, and much more.

Moshi Monsters


Get started today and you can get a head start on completing the many different quizzes and puzzles it has to offer. This was created to make learning and getting educate more fun, so go ahead and have yourself a good time. Solving puzzles is how you get to feed your pet, and this needs to be done daily.

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