Moshi Monsters Fan Websites and Blogs

If you’re a fan of Moshi Monsters and would like to find out the latest news, tips, guides and helpful information, here is a list of fan websites and blogs that you can check out.

Moshi Monsters Expressway


Get into guides, combinations, codes, and so much more on Moshi Monsters Expressway. It is your personal guide to everything you need to know about the game. You can learn about what is happening with the game as well as what to do as you play. It has everything you need.

Moshi Monsters Planet


Cheats, walkthroughs, and access to everything you love about Moshi Monsters is available with Moshi Monsters Planet. This website has everything you could want to get started with the game or to find information that you need for a specific part. It is detailed and accurate, ensuring that you always have good info.

Lukey’s Moshi Site


If you want to stay up to date on Moshi Monsters, Lukey’s Moshi Site is the place to go. It gives you news, information, and access to everything you want as a fan and player. It also has a chat feature available if you want to talk with other players. It is great for new and veteran players alike.

The Moshi Monsters Tour


Moshi Monsters fans can use The Moshi Monsters Tour website to learn more about Moshi Monsters, to have a walkthrough of various parts of the game, and to get an edge on the game. It gives you both an introduction as well as a large amount of information to stay updated.

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