Social Star Game Shut Down

There was once a great Facebook virtual world, called Social Star. It was established in May, 2010 and closed down in May, 2011 – so it lasted for a total of one year.

All we have left as a memory, is several screenshots:

Social Star Facebook Game Social Star Facebook Game Social Star Facebook Game Social Star Facebook Game

Social Star was a 3D virtual life game where you could have been the super star. You could make celebrity friends, party, and enjoy celebrity and fame first hand. The locations in the game were fabulous international places with amazing scenery and great party people. You could design your own star apartment and setup your personal private parties.

The most popular feature and the main attraction of the game was the ability to get involved in a steamy romance with mysterious celebrities, and experience drama.. a lot of drama. You could invite your newly met virtual friends to your virtual apartment, or go visit theirs. Lofts were luxury and fabulous. The game had a nice luxury feel about it.

The dressup part of the game was fun as well, but not as elaborate as some of the new fashion games that are out there today. You could have picked your celebrity outfit, dress your avatar in very stylish clothes, and go around wow’ing everyone.

We will miss this game.



Mila Yulijanova
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Mila is an experienced gamer, with a special sentiment for virtual worlds. She started exploring virtual reality since the early days of Second Life. Fascinated by the unlimited potential of virtualization, she joined OGK team as an editor of Virtual Worlds for Teens.

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