Baby Virtual Worlds

Here is a list of virtual worlds that feature baby and simulation games:

Virtual Families

BabyThis game is all about FAMILY. You can control an entire family and the house you live in. Choose a male or female character to get started. You should ensure that your character, which is a little child gets all the care and help in order to grow up well and healthy. The game is free to play.

Virtual Villagers

twinsJust as the name suggests, you have to take care of an entire village here. You have a total of five series to play and you will thoroughly enjoy each. The best part is that it is a real time game.

Second Life

slbabySecond life is a game full of drama. Here you get to meet your dream partner and then extend your family by having a baby in the old fashioned way. Sometimes, babies will be born in minutes and it is all very exciting.

Cyber Infants

2013-04-13_0206In Cyberinfants you can adopt your little one. Your infant will be cuddly of course but it can also be cranky at times. You should calm her down with toys. You can also play with her and feed her healthy food.

Baby Blimp

screen4In this game, infants are delivered! It is your job to prepare the cargo so that the infant is delivered safely. As you transport your little one, you can win bonuses and also increase the speed of the storks. You will have more benefits if you transport twins or quadraplets.

Super Mom


In Super Mom, you have to follow the steps given to you by the mom to the right. What she does, you have to do. You have to choose the right order and items to make sure that your baby is cleaned up, happy, and ready to have fun for the day. Be fast, too, or else you may not know what to do next.

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