Wizard 101 Fan Websites and Blogs

If you’re a fan of Wizard 101 and would like to find out the latest news, tips, guides and helpful information, here is a list of fan websites and blogs that you can check out.

Mercenaries For Hire


Mercenaries For Hire gives you everything you need as you start your Wizard 101 journey. You can learn more about the game, have help along the way, enter in contests, and see the many more options available on this site. It helps everyone to stay entertained and to stay informed.

Petnome Project


Petnome Project is your go to source if you want to know anything about pets in Wizard 101. If there is ever something you do not know, or if you want help at any point, this page is here to help you. It is detailed, accurate, and full of important facts for you.

Friendly Necromancer


Friendly Necromancer is a family run blog all about Wizard 101. It follows the adventures of mother, father, son, and daughter as they play, explore, and have fun. You can see what is going on and you can see what they have been doing by reading through the pages they post.

Spiral Radio


If you want to hear all of the chat about games, you want to check out Spiral Radio. This is where you can listen to what is going on in games like Wizard 101. The hosts will have live shows up where you can go, listen, chat, and have fun. You can also download shows to see what they have said.

Ditto Wizard


Ditto Wizard is all about having fun and staying safe while playing games online. If you play Wizard 101 and want some interesting looks into the game, as well as helpful information as to how you can keep yourself safe, this is the site to use. It is informative and accurate.



Duelist101 will give you everything you need when you play Wizard 101. You have guides to help you get started, information to get you through difficult parts of the game, and fun stuff to bring everyone together as a community and having fun. It truly does have it all here.



Frostcaller has everything that you need to know about Wizard 101. It includes regular updates about the game, guides, and even contests to bring the community together. It will make sure that you always know what is going on in the game and what to do, all while having fun.

Adventures of the Spiral


Adventures of the Spiral is all about having fun and staying informed. If you like playing Wizard 101, but want to add a bit more to it, you may like this site. It has databases that you can use at any time as well as contests if you want to test your luck. They all enhance the experience.

Wizards of the Spiral


Wizards of the Spiral has a lot of information available to you. If you want to stay informed, if you want to know what is up, and if you want to see some great extras, like interviews, this is for you. It is all for Wizard 101 players, too, so you know you have content and a community for you.

Paige’s Page


If you are a Wizard 101 player, you should become a regular at Paige’s Page. It is a page all about Wizard and the developer’s other game, Pirate 101. You get a look at some neat parts of the game, you get tips and information, and you get to have fun with the world that you already know.

Legends of the Spiral


Legends of the Spiral offers nearly everything you could want as a Wizard 101 player. You have information, guidance, and help to make the various parts of the game more manageable, as well as contests and community features to bring you together with other players. There is so much to do here.

Art in the Spiral


Art in the Spiral is all about fan posts. You can go to the Wizard 101 posts to see pictures made by other players, players just like you. These are people who love the game and have their own characters, and who want to show the world their art, and this site gives them that opportunity.

Valerian’s School for Wayward Wizards


For information about Wizard 101, you can find help at Valerian’s School for Wayward Wizards. This is a place where players can come together, learn, and have fun. There is even a community aspect to this, including contests, that make the most out of the experience here. It is fun and informative.

Wizard101 World


For information about Wizard 101 and some much needed updates about your favorite game, head on over to Wizard101 World. This is a world dedicated to this game. You can improve your wizarding ways and you can learn more about events and news thanks to this. It comes in several languages, too.

Wizard101 Students Of The Spiral


Have you ever wanted to jump into Wizard 101, or felt lost at any point while playing it? Wizard101 Students Of The Spiral is here to help. It will give you insight into everything about the game. Whether you want an introduction or you want some basic info, it is here to help.

Wizard101 – Wizards Keep


For a look into everything that you can do in Wizard 101, check out Wizard 101 – Wizards Keep. This is a guide with plenty of information, tricks, and guidance to help you get started. It keeps you updated about the game while making it easier to jump right into playing it.

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