Lady Gaga Games

Here is a list of games that feature the American pop singer, Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga Dress up


Do you like Lady Gaga’s out-of-the-world dressing style? Would you like to experiment with her style and dress her up the way you want to? If yes, play the ‘Lady Gaga Dress Up’ game and have loads of fun dressing up your favorite pop-star with edgy tops, skirts, pants, shades, hairstyles, accessories and much more.

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Lady Gaga


If Lady Gaga’s edgy dressing style, attractive hairstyles and unique face tattoos make for your cup of tea, have fun dressing her up and getting her ready for her next walk on the red carpet. Play the ‘Lady Gaga game and choose from the various face tattoos, handbags, clothes, shoes and shades on offer.

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Lady Gaga Dress up


Best of all the Lady Gaga Dress up games out there, this one truly imbibes the pop-star’s edgy and outlandish dressing style to the fullest. You can dress up Lady Gaga in glittery dresses, flashy pants, neon jackets, metallic tops, stripped stockings, fiery gloves and much more.

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Lady Gaga Makeover


Giving Lady Gaga a thorough makeover- right from her clothes to her hairstyle and makeup, can be extremely fun. So play the ‘Lady Gaga Makeover’ game and experiment with your beloved pop-star’s hairstyle, hair color, eye shadows color, eye lashes, face tattoos, blush, shades, lip color, jewelry and much more.

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Lady Gaga Dress up


Dress up Lady Gaga and give her the latest edgy look that will make everyone look up to her in awe. Choose from a wide variety of hairstyles, jackets, jumpsuits, gloves, shades, wrist bands, skirts, stockings, tops and shoes. You can also enjoy special tips to dress up your favorite pop goddess.

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Lady Gaga Outfits


With her best song beats playing in the background, enjoy dressing up your favorite pop diva Lady Gaga in the ‘Lady Gaga Outfits’ game. You can choose from a wide variety of stockings, shoes, dresses, hairstyles, shades and gloves and give Lady Gaga the next head-turning look. Dress her up to impress!

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Lady Gaga in Concert


Have you always wanted to dress up Lady Gaga and give her the ultimate concert look? If yes then play the ‘Gaga in Concert’ game and dress her up in attractive and unique dresses, tops, shoes, stilettos, gloves, jackets, skirts, pants, stockings, hats, wrist bands, shades and hair styles.

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Lady Gaga Dressup 2


Have fun dressing up Lady Gaga for her next big public appearance with ‘Lady Gaga Dressup 2’ game. Mix and match from an impressive collection of mind-blowing tops, dresses, handbags, shades, hairstyles, gloves, earrings, skirts, pants, stockings, stilettos and boots.

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Lady Gaga Dress up and Make up


Give Lady Gaga a cool and refreshing makeover with the ‘Lady Gaga Dress up and Make up’ game. In the makeup section you can apply blush on her cheeks, mascara on her eye lashes, eye shadows on her eye lids and lipstick on her lips. In the dress up section, you can dress her up in the most attractive clothes, gloves, shades and shoes.

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Lady Gaga Celebrity Makeover


With energizing beats playing in the background, have fun giving Lady Gaga the ultimate makeover which will make her look like a million bucks in few minutes. Play the ‘Lady Gaga Celebrity Makeover’ game and experiment with her makeup, face tattoos, dresses, stockings, boots, hairstyle and much more.

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Lady Gagas Fashion Monster


Become Lady Gaga’s stylist and give her the most outrageous fashion makeover ever. Play ‘Lady Gaga’s Fashion Monster’ game and have unlimited fun dressing up the pop diva in stylish and sassy tops, pants, shoes, shades, hairstyles and hosiery.

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Lady Gaga Fan Quiz


You think you know everything about Lady Gaga? Take the Lady Gaga Fan Quiz and find out for yourself. The quiz contains 8 questions about the award-winning pop-star. There’s no timer so you can answer them without any hurry. Answer them all correctly and there would no doubt that you are indeed her biggest fan!

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Dress Up Lady Gaga


Dress up Lady Gaga for a simple visit to a fashion boutique or for the next big red carpet appearance. Choose from a wide variety of shirts, dresses, tops, skirts, shorts, pants, jackets, scarves, shoes, boots, stilettos, sandals, handbags, belts, sweaters and much more.

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Lady Gaga Saw Game


In this twisted puzzle game you must help Lady Gaga escape to safety as she has been kidnapped by Pigsaw. He now has her forced to play his game of do or die. It is up to you, only you can help her defeat all the villains that come her way in order to protect her.

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