Games Like Sociotown

Here is a list of games that are similar to Sociotown.



SmallWorlds is a fun online game where you create a custom avatar that allows for you to interact and socialize with other players.  You can also train your cute pets to do whatever you want them to.  You trade pieces of gold in order to get started and to travel to where you want to go.

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If you are a huge fan of online socialize games than GleamVille is what you have been looking for.  This is a multiplayer game where you get to create an avatar and use it to explore all of the different cities and in the process you get to meet and make new friends.

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If you are looking for something that is a little different from all of the other online virtual games than Meez has what you want as it is not as virtual as other social games are.  In this world you create your avatar and go out to meet and chat with other players and you also get to watch videos!

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Wizard 101


Everyone loves wizards and what could be more fun than being one in an online game.  In Wizard101 you get to be a wizard!  You start off as a young wizard that needs lots of training to be better and you must get that training at school.  As you get better you move up in grade.

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In WoozWorld you get to hang out and chat with your friends and you also get to play great games that will keep you entertained!  You get to customize your own home or unitz by using furniture and other items that you have collected during your travels.

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Smeet is a massive multiplayer game that allows for you to socialize to your heart’s content!  You get to dress up your characters and also furnish your house however you want to.  You also get to hang out with your friends both old and new as you get to meet on your travels.

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Chit Chat City


Chit Chat City is not like the other entire virtual socializing site, you also get to do other things like play games and decorate your house.  You get to dress in fun clothing and get to pick out how you want to furnish your home and also what paint color you want!

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Our World


You will be able to use credits to play the Prize Wheel and the Bubbler, to get these credits you will need to play the mini games offered. Playing the mini games helps to fill your flow meter. You will also gain access to more than fifty other games here.

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Oz World


In this fun game you can do more than just socialize with other players.  In Oz World you get to fish, explore, and customize your home and your avatar character.  The game has great graphics and you will find that you love the way that it looks as you play it.

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Pora Ora

poraora-12 (3)

Pora Ora is just for you if you love puzzle games and also like to play educational games as well.  You will love this game if you want to learn new things but not feel like you are learning.  You will cover tons of information in this great 3D game from geography, math, and literature!

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