Games Like Miya: Before & After

Here is a list of games that are similar to Miya: Before & After.

Movie Star Planet


Movie Star Planet will take you to a world that you have imagined-that of being a movie star. You can create your avatar which will eventually become a movie star. You will personalize your avatar’s looks, style, and other things. You earn coins as you play games and compete.

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Our World


The housing system in this virtual world has hundreds of home furnishings to offer you in decorating your new virtual home. Being able to place each furnishing where you want it is half the fun in it. You can make lots of friends or choose to pick on what others wear, you decide.

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Virtual PopStar

Virtual PopStar10

Virtual Popstar gives you the opportunity to be a Popstar. You jet all over the world in your private plane since you are a millionaire. You will build your fan base- the more fans the more stardom. The harder you work the more you will achieve.

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Steps Evolution

Steps Evolution5

Steps Evolution provides you with dancing or socializing. You dance, meet other players, customize your life, and have your own virtual life. It is unique and enjoyable. You are able to personalize your character. There is a mall and plenty of clothes available. You can select from American or Asian songs. Have fun!

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Liv Dolls


Liv world dolls Hayden, Daniela, Kate, Sophie, and Alexis are fashion dolls. You can change features of you dolls-the wigs, the eyes, and the clothes. You get to read each of the girls secret diaries. You get to watch videos play games, wear cool outfits, share photos with friends, and crate a scrapbook of your adventures.

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Using your choice of accessories you will create and customize your character at the beginning of the game. Next, you will also design while creating your Woozen’s Unitz. Now you are ready to transform the world. So that the content is player generated you will be creating your own content along the way.

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Spark City World


Spark City World opens your ability to create your own avatar and decorate your home. You will interact with others as you play and chat with them. You can be creative. You can try the new. You will enjoy exploration. Let’s get your life sparkly.

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Social Girl

Social-Girl 1

Social Girl provides you with the opportunity to make friends with different personalities. Your boyfriend adores you. You get to create your own fashion style and you write your own story in life. Your options are impressive-not at all boring. You will hang out, gossip, and make new friends.

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Innerstar University


Innerstar University gives you a fun outlet to play games, socialize, and create an avatar and a form room. You can adjust your avatar’s personality to match yours. You will live in a university world. You participate in campus activities, face challenges, and become a great student. Enjoy yourself!

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Dream Mining


Dream Mining focuses on fashion, music, and film. You will design, sing, and make videos. You have 3 different characters that have their own set of games and quests. There are many stores and a lot of creativity. This virtual world is totally safe. Check it out!

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