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Here is a list of games that are similar to MiniPlanet.



Yoworld is set in a world where you create your own avatar, decorate your space, and chat with other players across the globe. Enjoy the party, race, and fun games as you explore this tiny ville and make new friends.

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Line Play

Line Play

You will find Line Play to be both addictive and entertaining. There are several ways for you to customize yourself as you create your avatar. You will decorate your room as you desires. You can chat with friends or explore their homes. You will find much to enjoy.

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Ekoloko is a virtual community world which allows you to interact with your friends and other kids online. You will learn skills and knowledge that will help you in real life. The issues you face are real world issues. The points you earn let you buy clothing and accessories, and make charitable donations.

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Hello Kity Online


Hello Kitty Online focuses on crafts. This game will provide you with non-violent entertainment. You will visit London, Paris, Tokyo, Moscow, Flower Kingdom, and many other beautiful sites as you face challenging quests and puzzles.

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Our World

Our World

Our World will entertain you as you interact with players from around the world. You can talk to or e-mail others. E-mail is your means to receive your challenges and other important information about the game. You will personalize your avatar and your condo. You have over 50 mini games to play.

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WoozWorld is a web based social game where you can chat and hang out with friends. You will be able to explore “Nationz”. You will create your “Woozen” and your “Wootzen’s Unitz” before you transform the world. There are hundreds of games at your disposal. Your imagination is an asset in WoozWorld.

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Haboo Hotel

Haboo Hotel

Habbo Hotel lets you escape form the real world to a virtual world where you interact with people worldwide, learn about the world, and explore and play online, all from the comfort of your room. There are 30 different hotels that represent 30 different countries. Your avatar visits the hotels talking and chatting with other users.

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Smeet is 3D chat. This browser based multiplayer game is accessible for anyone. You will dress up your characters, furnish your home, hang out with friends, and meet people. You live in a world with no rules. You will be able to kill plenty of time here playing mini-games.

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Small Worlds is a virtual world online game. You create a custom 3D avatar; own land, engage in PvP games, and train pets. You start out with 150 pieces of gold and can earn more. You will compete in quests and missions in order to receive rewards. Be prepared to be compelled.

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Fantage 10

There are so many different things available to you here, such as activities and games, and the options seem to never end. The content in this gameplay is a major focus point. It has a very large community, and new friends await around every corner. Socializing is its main point of course.

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For even more games like MiniPlanet, check out Social Worlds category.

Ella Walker
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Ella has been playing video games for over 15 years. She worked for a large game production company before and after quitting it in 2003, became a freelance writer.
  • kayla

    bring back petpetpark and miniplanet

  • Andre Amaral

    SmallWorlds is better than all those games BUT it’s broke and won’t let me on it! Therefore BRING MINIPLANET BACK! I NEED IT ALOT! I LOVE IT TOO MUCH!

  • TheGamingCookie

    omg that game was my life!! BRING IT BACK!!!!!!

  • Timothy Davis

    miniplanet was the best virtual game ive ever played… i was rich on there wish they make a miniplanet but the old on was the best… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Jeanne

    Actually, Mini-planet opened at 2009 and over 1,000,000 people played this game as it was the only game I really loved and played. People payed money for gold and credits so its couldn’t ever close, they won a lot of money they shouldn’t have closed it. It must be back as soon as possible, every body liked this game and I think they will be winning much more money when they re-open it? I hope they could understand our points of views and take those advises they may help them. I loved this game.

  • Robbie Taylor

    bring it back

  • jackie

    dude i aggre i have played miniplanet for at least 3 years but that dose not mean i got tired of it like u said

  • jackie

    yha its not their falt so whoes is it

    • JKirkTV

      the people playing the game who like to give out hacks for gold making them lose money , we brought miniplanet down not the developers

  • jackie

    i miss miniplanet i have played that forever i miss it i have been playing that for at least 3 years and i never get tired of it i know it is not their falt but i feel like it is i fell so sad i told my mom about it and she said sometimes it is the money falt i said yha sometimes it is.from that day i have been saveing a lot of money. right now i have about 135.37 of cash jk plzz bring back miniplanet plzz

  • Jenna

    I heard end of November guys!!!!! I hope so xx

  • haiyo c;


  • Madi

    I heard it’s because people kept cheating to get gold and credits and I guess they just got sick of it. Maybe they’re just fixing the glitches, hopefully…


    Will Miss Everyone I Ever Knew On That Game, So Many People I Didn’t Get To Say GoodBye Too v.v…. Tc Everyone Sincerealy: GMC_SiiK_RiiK Aka, Anti_Nazi_Sync #GetLogged #ImTheReasonForAllTheLogging #SorryNotSorry 🙂


    Correction! My Gold Hack Did Not Cause The Game To Shut Down Sincerely: GMC_SiiK_RiiK Aka, P4UL Aka, P4ULINE, Aka Founder Of Global, Aka, AntiNazi_Sync, Aka S2N, Aka Mr. Horrible, Aka ORGAN1K, Aka TeamBackPack, Aka CHRIST1NE … Aha I Had That Game On Lock Down, So Many Accounts With 1.9Bil Gold, Im Also The Reason Why Many Rich Players Got Hacked, They Would Want A ‘Gold Account’. So Many Times I’d Put Gold On Account And Take Source, Aha Hagd ^.^

  • emily goode

    i miss miniplanet smh. i blame suzie tbh.


    Guys get this in your heads, it is not coming back, in fact it never will. There are so many rumors spreading about the reopening of the virtual game. Guys there will be no reopening of the game. There are many other types of games, yes they won’t be the same but you just have to deal with these things in life. I too was once a player of the virtual game, and am sad that it shut down. But why do you think there are many different games? Don’t take offence from this, but just let it go! If you dwell on it for the rest of your life then you’re going to miss out on all the amazing gifts that god has given you! I am sure there is a reasonable explanation for the discontinuation of the game, and I am sure the creators were sad to let it go. But it is just something we are all going to have to deal with. Please don’t dwell on this forever! There are many games out there! I hope this helped a little! And I am sorry if you found this offensive in any way!

  • jess

    I understand that miniplanet shut down because of a hack and that it wont be coming back and all that but i dont understand why they didnt just reset peoples accounts instead and maybe set up a report system to report anyone who they thought was hacking.

  • ippu

    fantage is fun!i already played for one year!!!

  • miniplanet youtuber

    i want mini planet i spend real money on that and it was a good game why did you take it out anyways

  • Jimmy Cole

    like what? good things are going to happen. People are going to get lives.

  • Georgia Gall

    I think they should bring miniplanet back as an app on our phones

  • Ashley

    I bet you feel stupid writing this massive paragraph now that Miniplanet IS coming back

    • Kevin Roberson

      It is????

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