Games Like Coco Girl

Here is a list of games that are similar to Coco Girl.

Mall World


Never has owning a boutique been more fun. When you play Mall World, you are going to be able to grow your boutique, try on clothing, and even impress your friends who visit to check it out. There is a lot of fun to experience and a lot to do with this game.

Movie Star Planet


If you have ever wanted to experience the life of a celebrity movie star, but without the whole issue of the camera’s following every member of your family, the high priced coffees and other negative parts, now is your chance. You will work your character up the ranks until eventually achieving movie star status.

Dream Mining


There are plenty of ways to be creative and follow your dreams with Dream Mining. Whether you love fashion or music, or several other things, you can find something to love with this game. There is a lot to do and everything gets you involved and having fun quite a bit.

Fashion Fantasy Game


The world of fashion has never been so exciting. When you play Fashion Fantasy Game, you are going to be able to become the designer or seller of your favorite clothes. There is a lot to do and there are many ways to have fun with fashion in this great game.

Doll and the City


Playing Doll and the City is going to be a great way to have quick, simple fun. You are going to be able to dress up your doll and then take it to get a job, which will allow you to make money. With these extra features, playing for longer periods is simple and there is going to be more to enjoy.

Style Me Girl


Any person interested in fashion is going to love all that is offered by Style Me Girl. You have the dressing up, of course, along with the beauty of the graphics and a fun experience. This is something that every person can enjoy and want to play for longer and longer times.

Lady Popular


Dressing up avatars and characters is fun and all, but sometimes that is not enough. You want to do more and go further with these games, and Lady Popular offers that. You can customize nearly every part of your avatar in numerous ways and then go out to complete the various tasks as that avatar.

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