Games Like Avatar Creator 2

Here is a list of games that are similar to Avatar Creator 2.

3D Avatar Creator

3D Avatar5

You are going to be able to create a little you as you customize your little avatar. You will be able to share your avatar with others and much more as you show off all your fun and exciting styles. Want to do more, use your custom avatars in messages when talking to friends and more!

Chibi Me

Chibi Me13

You will be able to create your very own Chibi in this fun avatar creator. They’re small, and very cute and you can customize it to fit your personality. You will have access to a large option of clothing and other options that you can customize with, what type of outfits will you put together?

Face Your Manga

Face_Your_Manga 12

Welcome to Face Your Manga, a really awesome avatar generator for all those who love Manga! You will be able to do this on your iPad or iPhone, which means you can do it on the go whenever you are bored. You will be asking your very own Manga avatar, doesn’t that sound cool?

Marvel’s Superhero Avatar Creator

Marvel's 9

If you are a super hero fan, then you will want to check out Marvel’s Superhero Avatar Creator which allows you to create your very own super hero the way you vision them to be! They can be male, female, even look like the Hulk if you prefer, it’s up to you and your imagination, get to creating!

WeeMee Avatar Creator

WeeMee Avatar Creator12

As you would expect, you are going to be able to create your own avatar which you can customize to be how you want. You will be able to also upload them to use as you wish. WeeMee Avatar Creator puts you in the creators seat, to start simply choose the avatar you want to begin editing.



If you are ready to create your very own look a like avatar, then you need Pickaface. You will be able to use pictures or even create an avatar from scratch. Simply follow the steps that are provided to create your own avatar and save it to your computers gallery to be used on any social media sites.



Interested in creating your own avatar characters? Well, you come to the right place, Avachara lets you do just that, as you can create anime avatars or even portraits which you can use when communicating with others. You can even use then in bulletin boards and all kind of places.



If you want to create a cute little character that looks just like you, then you need DoppelMe. This awesome application will let you use your pictures and create an exact replica of you for your avatar, but in a really cool cartoon character.

Twinkl Free Avatar Creator

Twinkl Free Avatar Creator

Twinkl Avatar Creator lets you get all kinds of creative as you make an avatar the way you want, then save it to your computer and upload it and share with friends all over the internet. You can use it on social media sites, bulletin boards, or anywhere else that allows you to upload images.

South Park Avatar Creator

South Park

If you have ever wanted to be in south park or be a south park character, now you have a chance. You will be able to create your own character as well as dress them up for the cold Colorado weather. You can choose their clothes, their looks, and even make them look just like Kenny.

Cute Avatar Creator


Here is your chance to create your very own cute avatars. You will have a chance to create a one of a kind look that isn’t like any other avatar that you can use on all your social networking sites. You can choose clothes, eye style, and so much more when you use Cute Avatar Creator.

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