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Microsoft Making a VR Headset for Xbox One When Sony announced their Project Morpheus, it was only a matter of time before Microsoft decided to jump on the virtual reality bandwagon. And they have, creating… Read More »

Okay, not take over exactly “taking over the world “But the last month of 2014 is offering just a taste of how amazing 2015 will be for virtual reality and virtual worlds! Watch Virtual Worlds… Read More »

Do you feel the color of hair don’t match the color of your tops, shorts or shoes? Do you think it’s about time to change the color of your unitz’s walls and floors? Here is… Read More »

Lots of cool things continue to happen in the world of virtual reality, and the last two weeks have been no exception. Before we get started, if you’re in the US make sure that you… Read More »

Happy November! Upcoming Smeet Events Attention all Smeeters! There are a couple of cool events happening in your favorite virtual world this week! On Friday at 4:30 PM EST, DJ Explicits will be hosting an… Read More »

With the holiday season heating up, major game developers and corporations are readying their products and product releases for one of the biggest shopping seasons of the year. So for this week, we’re going to… Read More »

Welcome! A Replacement for PlayStation’s Home? The closing of PlayStation Home, scheduled for early next year, hurt virtual reality fans around the world; however, there might be a silver lining! A few of the former… Read More »

Happy Fall! Bring Warcraft Characters Back to Life! A few days ago, the official World of Warcraft blog announced that in an upcoming patch, players will be able to reverse the deletion of characters! The… Read More »

Happy September! Possible Custom Controller for Oculus Rumor has it that in addition to the much anticipated virtual reality headset Rift, Oculus is also working on a custom game controller specifically for the new machine…. Read More »

Here is a list of games that features fashion designing. Fashion Designer New York You have the locations, the models, the clothes, and the styles, so now it is time to play Fashion Designer New… Read More »

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