Happy Halloween! And Other News

Halloween is here, and we have lots of fun stuff to report!

Virtual Halloween Fun

Sure, there are gobs of real world parties happening everywhere this week, not to mention good ‘ole fashioned trick or treating. But what kinds of celebrations are happening in virtual reality? Let’s take a look!

EverQuest and EverQuest 2: Outfitted with spooky armor and hosting several community events, EverQuest players don’t want to miss this. Through November 7th, you can play The Haunting of Kithicor, a favorite among players every year. Nights of the Dead, available until November 5th at EverQuest 2, has you setting of on amazing ghost hunting competitions and perusing a few of the most haunted houses in virtual reality. Oh, and if you feel like digging up a few graves, you can do that as well.

The Secret World: Of course this MMORPG, based on horror-fantasy, has a few tricks to treat players with this year. The Cat God gives you a new mission based on Irish legend, complete with the spookiest kitty cat you’ve ever seen.

The Secret World

Tera: Hosting an epic masquerade ball on October 30th, spend the time between now and then gathering up free gifts and trying to get rid of a pumpkin ghost who’s terrifying everyone!

Our World: Your favorite virtual world is offering a bunch of Halloween costumes for avatars, and they’re also on their sixth OurHunt of the year. Check it out!

IMVU: Not only is the shop in IMVU overflowing with amazing costumes, they’re also hosting a trick-or-treat party on October 31st! You can meet and greet the staff as well as other players in a party raging across several different public rooms!

And if all of that isn’t enough, you can try your hand at virtual pumpkin carving here! It’s got to be easier than carving a real pumpkin, right?

Oculus Rift and iPhone?

It is official: we couldn’t love Oculus Rift more if we tried. They recently announced that they will be making a virtual reality headset for mobile phones, starting with the well-loved iPhone. Given the heightened processing power of the latest version, we’re pretty sure this is going to be a match made in heaven!


Sadly, so far, there’s no way to bring this to Android phones. Apparently, that operating system doesn’t have what Oculus needs to run their virtual reality headset or virtual games in general. However, Google hates to be left behind, so we wouldn’t be surprised if there was an update later down the line that fixed this.

So what’s the new headset going to be like and when can you get your hands on it? So far, all the company has really divulged is that it will be lighter than the original and, hopefully, available around the same time as the PC version.

But we still don’t have a date on that yet.

Either way, virtual reality at home and on the go? Sounds good to us!

Something New: Top Facebook Games of October

We have two games for you to check out on Facebook. And no, we aren’t going to talk Candy Crush. If you aren’t playing it yet, you should be. As long as you’re looking for the greatest time suck known to man. But hey, everyone needs to procrastinate on that paper or household chores, right?

Tower Story: This block matching puzzle game starts with a set of colored blocks and you have to clear the animals and whatnot to collect as many purple lemons as possible.  And since we mentioned Candy Crush, we have to say that this one is kind of like it, but a bit twistier. Game-play is just complex enough to convince you that you aren’t wasting hours of your life, and there are plenty of goals to reach. At its core, it’s much like any other matching puzzle game, but still certainly worth a download.

tower story

Jurassic Farm: We love a good farm game as much as the next person, and when you add dinosaurs to the mix, it gets even better. The graphics here are bit too youngish for our tastes, but otherwise the game is fun. You can pick it up rather quickly, and gameplay centers on taking care of a slew of different dinosaurs, including feeding and medical care. Oh, and you can also chase of scary predators as well. It’s simple, and a nice break from more complex, over-the-top games (here’s looking at you, EverQuest). And certainly worth messing around with.

Let us know what you think in the comments below, and tell us your plans for November!

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