Games Like Mapoosa

Here is a list of games that are similar to Mapoosa.



Looking for a virtual world where you will be ale t hang out with friends anytime you are not able to in person? Look no further, WoozWorld gives you that option and you will be able to create content within the game or explore for content that’s already made to make things more fun.

Our World


Get ready to lounge around in various environments with Our World as you chat with friends from all over the world or make new ones. You will have all sorts of things to do, and you get your very own inbox where friends can whisper you and email you too. It’s going to throw some challenges at you too.

Club Cooee

clubcooee7 (1)

Club Cooee brings you an online world that provides you a unique twist on the usual gameplay. You will start by creating an avatar, but you will also have a home to build, socialize with others and check out their avatars too. You will play in real-time, and it’s 3D chatrooms are a blast!

Habbo Hotel


If you have always wanted to travel the world, but wasn’t able to Habbo Hotel is going to give you the possibility to do just that. You will be amazed by the world and how interactive it is, and you will be able to encounter people from all over the world and make more friends than you ever thought possible!

Wizard 101


If you like wizards and everything they stand for, then you won’t want to overlook playing Wizard 101. You will be the newest wizard experiencing what it’s like to train and cast your magic like a real wizard would. You will start young and work on growing with your new wizard.



Want something that is a bit different, possibly 3D and allows you to play right in the browser to make it easy? Smeet brings you all of that and more as you will hang out with your friends and do all sorts of activities from watching videos to decorating your home.



This one gives you full control over what goes on when playing. In Kuboo you will be able to join in on puzzles, sports, even decorating and much more in a safe environment. You will even have a home that you start out with and get to set up right from the start.

Virtual Family Kingdom

Virtual Family Kingdom

If you are an adventure seeker and want to make new friends, then Virtual Family Kingdom will allow you to start a brand new adventure while making friends. You will be exploring the world, using your imagination, and much more as you create an area of your very own.



If you are looking for a title that will provide you with hours upon hours of fun you will love Freggers. You will be able to socialize with your friends while exploring the world and becoming part of the community too. You will be able to buy various items hat you can use to decorate your room and more.

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