Games Like Goodgame Café

Here is a list of games that are similar to Goodgame Café.

Funny Pizza

Funny Pizza13

Get ready to become not only a manager, but the chef in Funny Pizza. You will be creating pizza for your customers , among other foods. You will work hard to grow your pizza business, gain profits and you will find various possibilities as you play. It can get addicting!

Restaurant Empire


Getting started in Restaurant Empire you will have just a little cash, and your passion of food. You will build your restaurant from the ground up and hire your staff, decorate the way you want, and cook the meals so your customers don’t go hungry. You will be buying, building, selling, and underpricing your competition.



Loved by millions Cafeland is a virtual environment that allows all who love to cook have a massive amount of fun. You will be the role of a chef, boiling, frying, serving, simply satisfying your customers. You will also get to decorate and visit your neighboring chefs!

Diner City


Starting out you will get to choose what style of restaurant you want, burgers or Asian. There is a tutorial for those just starting out, you get some cash and a few things to assist you, but you have to learn to expand and gain more profits by doing so. Are you ready for fun?

Papa’s Taco Mia!


Welcome to Papa’s Taco Mia! To start out you will choose your role as Maggie, or Mitch, and choosing your name. From here your new story begins as you begin taking orders, grilling, building, and expanding like any good business does. Are you ready to thrive?

Seafood Chef


If you love to cook seafood, you will love Seafood Chef. From your very first customer you will begin cooking recipes that will make your customers satisfied. You will quickly be on your way to making many hungry customers want to keep coming back for more while you work your way up in level.

Frenzy Bar

Frenzy Bar

In Frenzy Bar you will start out on the first level and then work your way up as you make your customers happy. Be careful to serve in order though, if you serve customers that come in later you won’t earn as much and your customer will be upset!

Papa’s Cupcakeria

Papa is surrounded with cupcakes.

In Papa’s Cupcakeria you will have to take the customers order, then create their lovely requests (cupcakes) and serve it to them. If you have filled the order correctly you will receive a good tip, if it’s done poorly however, you will not profit as much or any at all!

Youda Sushi Chef

Youda Sushi Chef

Enter your new cooking environment by choosing male or female and your name. From there you get to name your first location, and a tutorial will help guide you at first. You will have to take the customers order, then rely on your recipe book to find the ingredients used for their order.

Papa’s Pancakeria


Welcome to Papa’s Pancakeria, a place where you will be making the customers orders by cooking and flipping the pancakes at the correct time, then adding toppings as requested. Then you provide the customer with their delicious pancake and if you did it right, you get a tip!

Menu Mayhem


If you are looking for a simple, yet challenging restaurant style game then you just found it. You have to take customer orders and navigate your character by the arrow keys, go to the bar or grill to retrieve orders and be fast or they will up and leave on you!

Papas Pizzeria


You will be playing Delivery Boy Roy after Papa Louie once again ran off for another of his adventures. You will be running Papa’s Pizzeria, but customers are familiar with Papa Louie’s customized pizzas, from two olives or 8 pepperonis. You will have to try and keep up with the custom orders!

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