Games Like DreamFields

Here is a list of games that are similar to DreamFields.




Farmerama gives you one of the most full farming games out there. It is more than just an average farming game, giving you everything from the farm to the market to social features. You have places to explore and things to do when in this world, and it always offers something exciting.

My Free Farm

My Free Farm4

There is so much for you to do in My Free Farm. You have the farming, as always, but it does not stop there. When finished up with farming, you can start to build structures to help. These will make the most out of farming and they will give you better results. Do so much in this world.

My Little Farmies

My Little Farmies8

Grow a stunning farm in My Little Farmies. You are in control of it all and you will put the work in to see results. With your efforts, and with your creativity, you can turn this small piece of land into a farm that all will love and that all will want to visit for themselves.



Build a farm unlike any other in Miramagia. It is a magical place where you can have an incredible farm, growing all types of plants and see mythical creatures along the way. Your farm will have powers and beauty that you cannot find anywhere else, and they will make this all so exciting.

Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands

Colorful plants and flowers in the garden.

There is more to Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands than you might think. Upon first sight, you see a wonderful farm full of magical creatures and amazing views. As you get into the game, though, you will dig deeper into the story and meet many of the interesting characters spread throughout the game.

Let’s Farm

Let’s Farm

Get ready to farm in Let’s Farm. Farming here is a bit different from other games. While the setup is the same, allowing you to build structures and farm as much as you please, there is more complexity to it. This game has depth and excitement that will blow you away, especially if you love the genre.

Family Barn

Family Barn

Part average farming game, part realism, Family Barn has it all. You have all types of crops to care for, of course, and you will watch them all grow. When the time comes, harvest and plant some more. There is so much to do here, and it will all feel like a real farming experience to you.

Hobby Farm

Hobby Farm

Live your dream in Hobby Farm. This is more than just a farm that you will take care of and watch grow; it is everything you have always wanted. It is an exotic island where you can grow your own farm and where you can enjoy life like you never could before. It is beautiful and exciting.

Family Farm

Family Farm

Run a farm and take care of the family in Family Farm. Your goal here is to make the people happy. They are the ones doing all of the work and helping the farm to succeed so they have to be happy. With your efforts, you can give them everything they want and see the farm do well.

Farmville 2

Farmville 2 1

Like the rest of the world, you probably played Farmville. Farmville 2 will give you about the same experience, but with some upgrades and improvements. If you loved the original and want to see a better version of it, or if you want to take part in one of the best farming games, this is your chance.

Astro Garden

Shows the garden with weird plants in Astro Graden.

Become a mad scientist in Astro Garden. After the entire place has been destroyed, it is your goal to rebuild. As a mad scientist, however, rebuilding is about a lot more than putting up buildings. It is about getting creative and having fun with the place, making everything amazing and fantastical.

Farming Simulator 2013

Farming Simulator

Farming games these days just do not have any realism to them. Farming Simulator is way different, though. It is a simulator, obviously, so it is all about staying real to farming. The tasks, the effort, the strategy, and the rewards will all feel similar to real farming, making everything more exciting.

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