Games Like Baby Blimp

Here is a list of games that are similar to Baby Blimp.

Mommy’s New Baby

Mommy’s 6

Your mommy is fixing to have a new baby and you have to help her to care for the baby whenever it is born. It will be your job to keep your mommy happy as well as the baby as help feed, care, and play with the new baby that is in your home.

Baby Baby Online


Do you have what it takes to give the baby what it needs? You will notice that the baby is very easy to care for, but you have to make sure that you do everything within the time limit that is given to you when you play. You have to keep the baby as happy as possible.

Baby Adopter


If you love babies, then you will love baby adopter. You will be able to do more than just watch a baby. You will have to care for as well as dress your baby to make sure that it will stay happy and healthy. Do you have what it takes to be a parent?

Virtual Families


Here is your chance to see what it would be like if you had your very own family. You will start out in a 2 bedroom house that you can build on to, as well as adopt your own human to watch them create the family that you have always wanted.


Baby Sitting Game Screenshot

Do you have what it takes to be a great babysitter? Babysitting will show you how it works and see if you can do it in the time amount that is given to you. You will have to care for the babies as well as work to make sure that they stay happy and healthy until their parents arrive.



Mila has opened her very own Kindergarten and it is up to you to help her to make sure that hers is the best. You will have to work hard to make sure that all the little ones are cared for and even upgrade then outside and inside of your kindergarten.

Baby Caring


You are Hazel and your mom has went to work. It is up to you to take care of your sibling in this great game. You will have to do more than just make sure that your sibling does not cry, you have to keep it happy through a series of tasks to make sure that you don’t get into trouble.

Garden Baby Bathing


You are fixing to care for a very playful baby. You will have to get your little one ready to out to the garden to play with all of their favorite toys. You will start by noticing that your baby is asking for certain things and then you have to race against the clock to get that item.

Baby Hazel Granny House


Baby Hazel is going to Granny’s house. You will get to go and experience what country life is really like as you go shopping at country side market. You will be able to enjoy homemade food as well as spending time with your grandma. This is the best place to be.

Super Mom


It is a race against the clock in this neighbor versus neighbor world. You will have to show your neighbor that you are the super mom and that she is nothing compared to you. Care for your baby and have a lot of fun as you race to fill your babies needs first.

Rookie Nurse


Rookie Nurse is all about being a nurse in the newborn center. You will have to work hard as you care for the new babies. You will have to give them baths, change their diapers, and even feed them to earn good points, as well as show the world what a great nurse you are.

The Adorable And Demanding Twins


Your babysitter has left to go shopping and it is up to you to carry the weight of being the babysitter. You will have to dress them in nice outfits and the catch is that they are very naughty twins and it will be hard because they will be asking for all of their favorite toys.

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