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Sing some of your favorite songs from the biggest artists that you know. With the massive selection available, finding something that interests you is not going to be hard. To sing, simply start the song up and be ready for the lyrics to hit the screen. Keep up and sound good if you want to be a success.

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RedKaraokeAs one of the largest karaoke games out there, you can expect RedKaraoke to have a large and impressive selection of songs. Find the ones that interest you and begin singing your heart out. Do this on your own or with groups of friends, whatever suits you best and whenever you want to sing.

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Stardoll: Dress Up Justin Timberlake

Star_DollDressing up popular celebrity Justin Timberlake is not going to be possible in real life, but that does not mean that you cannot do it. With this Stardoll game, you can choose from a selection of clothes and accessories to create the very best outfit for him as many times as you want to.

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Justin and Lisa in love


Help Justin and Lisa to have the perfect moment together. Change everything around to give them a beautiful time, no matter what that is. You can go from warming up at a café to enjoying a stunning view around them, whatever you can create from what is available at this time.

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Justin at Gym


With Justin’s popularity, he has to keep up with his appearance. He wants to continually look good for himself and the girls, and you are going to help make that possible. Find the right outfit for him to wear before he has to go out. Make sure that it is something that will make all of the girls go crazy.

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Free Karaoke!

Free Karaoke!With a regularly updated selection of songs, you are never going to be bored with what is available. Find a song that you love and begin singing it. See how well you can do and improve your skills for next time. You might even be able to practice by singing songs from the artists that you love.

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