Games Like Blue Mars

Here is a list of games that are similar to Blue Mars.

Club Cooee


Are you ready to create your own custom avatar in a world that will let you be who you want to be as well as chat with people from all over the world? Club Cooee will give you a chance to do more than socialize, you can work hard, discuss interesting topics like politics, celebrities and more.

Second Life

Second LifeSecond Life allows you to create a second life for yourself. You will create a virtual avatar. You will get a job, buy a home, buy a car, go shopping, open a store, and interact with members of the community. You will enjoy chatting and texting with others from all over the world.



IMVU is a free online social network. You will create a 3D avatar to use while you are chatting with new people and playing games. You will never run out of people to chat with. This is not a game but a virtual chat room that allows you to have a fun social experience.



If you have an internet connection it’s not matter where you are at, you’ll still be able to enjoy chatting with all your friends, old ones, and new alike. It offers a large and friendly community where you will have ample opportunity to meet new friends from all around the world.

Entropia Universe

Entropia Universe11

Entropia Universe uses a real cash economy. You will earn cash by selling minerals and other resources. You will create your character and explore the world. There is the customization of your character. You will mine an, fight, and play. You can meet other players from around the world and have fun together.

Our World


You get an email box to send messages back and forth to all the new friends you are going to be meeting here, and your older friends as well. You now have a condo that you will be furnishing and fixing up, and just outside of this condo is a critter garden.

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