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Disney is at it Again! Disney is moving into the world of virtual reality with a new line of toys combining your favorite super heroes and classic role playing with high-tech wearables. Dubbed Disney’s Playmation,… Read More »

The Final Rift – It’s Coming! Last week, Oculus VR finally unveiled the consumer version of their long-awaited headset, the Oculus Rift. It’s sleek to say the least, but we expected nothing less. However, they… Read More »

Club Cooee – Meet Friends – Party And Have Fun! Club Cooee is a wonderful 3D virtual world where you can meet new friends, chat with everyone, hang out with your buddies or meet up… Read More »

IMVU Badges and how you can make them The IMVU badge feature will let you create your very own badges and hand them out to your friends. You will be able to display your very… Read More »

Hello there! We have lots of interesting things to get into today. But first, make sure you head on over to Smeet and take part in their new fashion challenge! Just pick out your favorite… Read More »

Hello there! Lots of exciting news was recently released in the world of VR. So let’s get started! Ubisoft and Virtual Reality So far, virtual reality game development has essentially been relegated to indie companies… Read More »

Hi there! Before we get into the news of the day, here are a few interesting tidbits. The new iPhone 7 will likely be released in September of this year! And to prevent phones from… Read More »

Welcome back! New Smeet Challenge and Game Per usual, Smeet is all about the fun challenges, and right now they’re running one geared towards your inner interior designer. If you win the challenge, you’ll receive… Read More »

HTC Vive: So, What’s it Gonna Cost? So far, all of the information that’s been released regarding HTC’s upcoming VR headset Vive has been extremely promising, from the intuitive controllers that let you manipulate the… Read More »

Crytek Toying With Virtual Reality The managing director of Crytek revealed that the company is currently exploring virtual reality gaming, and working to create a virtual reality experience that sets the VR bar higher than… Read More »

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