IMVU Badges

IMVU Badges and how you can make them

The IMVU badge feature will let you create your very own badges and hand them out to your friends. You will be able to display your very own favorite badges on your profile that is featured on the IMVU website. These are the perfect way to really express yourself, to show your connections with other people or groups, and are a bunch of fun and awesome to collect.  You can basically think of it as a friendship pin on the IMVU website.

When clicking on a badge it will show the description and this is a small area of HTML or text content where you will be able to add a graphic or message. When people are curious about the badge, they will click the icon to learn more. Once you have created a badge you will be able to share it with your friends or give it to anyone who asks for it, there isn’t a limit on how many times you can give someone the same badge.

The price of the badge will vary and it actually depends on the size. The most common ones are often 1 tile x 1 tile, which is 20×20 pixels and it will normally cost around 100,000 credits. VIPS are able to purchase tiles for around 90,000 credits. Although the price is pretty high, it makes badges extra special, valuable, and collectible. When you actually get a super cool badge for your profile, you know that it was made by someone who is really into the whole IMVU scene and loves it, and that just wanted to give you something to show off on your profile.

You can create your own badge by picking a badge size, creating the image. The image needs to be either JPG, PNG, or BMP formats, and then import your image. If you want to give the badge to your friend, then simply click manage badges in the account settings. Click on grant/revoke option. Then type in your friends avatar name and hit the Grant button.

You can also give it automatically by those who request them. Simply go to manage badges in the account settings. Click edit settings and click on the box that says Badges Auto Grant. If you decide that you want to limit who can show off your badges, then you will need to use the Panel visibility settings in your account setting page to choose a sub-set of visitors such as you friends.

What’s cool is that you can even ask for badges. You can get a badge if you simply ask the person who created it. You won’t always know who created it, although many creators will put the details in the badge itself. If you see one that you like, simply click to see if there are instructions on how you can get it. When you get a badge you will have a message from the IMVU badger to inform you.

If you really want to get a badge, you can try being friendly and giving the person respect and even use please and always say thanks to them. Never use copy and pasted compliments where you are asking for bling and then just complain about the owner of the badge around IMVU.

There are are plenty of ways that you can gain badges, but the fun part is learning the best ways. If you are unsure, feel free to ask anyone for some help.

Here is a list of free badges that you can check out. Click on the creator’s name to request for badges.


Type of Badges



 IMVU Alphabet Badges H IMVU Alphabet Badges I IMVU Alphabet Badges J IMVU Alphabet Badges K IMVU Alphabet Badges L IMVU Alphabet Badges M IMVU Alphabet Badges N IMVU Alphabet Badges O IMVU Alphabet Badges P IMVU Alphabet Badges Q IMVU Alphabet Badges R IMVU Alphabet Badges S IMVU Alphabet Badges T IMVU Alphabet Badges U IMVU Alphabet Badges V IMVU Alphabet Badges W IMVU Alphabet Badges X IMVU Alphabet Badges Y IMVU Alphabet Badges Z IMVU Alphabet Badges A IMVU Alphabet Badges B IMVU Alphabet Badges C IMVU Alphabet Badges D IMVU Alphabet Badges E IMVU Alphabet Badges F IMVU Alphabet Badges G IMVU Alphabet Badges Question MarkAlphabet BadgesFaniFree
IMVU Animal Badges1 IMVU Animal Badges2 IMVU Animal Badges3Animal BadgesNekoKatsuraFree
IMVU Astrology Badges 5 IMVU Astrology Badges 6 IMVU Astrology Badges 7 IMVU Astrology Badges 8 IMVU Astrology Badges 9 IMVU Astrology Badges 10 IMVU Astrology Badges 11 IMVU Astrology Badges 12 IMVU Astrology Badges 1 IMVU Astrology Badges 2 IMVU Astrology Badges 3 IMVU Astrology Badges 4Astrology BadgesStarChildTrilogyFree
IMVU Avatar Face Badges 6 IMVU Avatar Face Badges 1 IMVU Avatar Face Badges 3 IMVU Avatar Face Badges 5 IMVU Avatar Face Badges 4 IMVU Avatar Face Badges 2Avatar Face Badges38RBFree
IMVU Christmas Holiday Badges 1 IMVU Christmas Holiday Badges 2Christmas Holiday BadgesNurseFree
IMVU Cute Kawaii Badges 1 IMVU Cute Kawaii Badges 2 IMVU Cute Kawaii Badges 3 IMVU Cute Kawaii Badges 4 IMVU Cute Kawaii Badges 5 IMVU Cute Kawaii Badges 6Cute Kawaii BadgesKaruFree
Deadly Sin IMVU Badge 1 Deadly Sin IMVU Badge 2 Deadly Sin IMVU Badge 3 Deadly Sin IMVU Badge 4 Deadly Sin IMVU Badge 5 Deadly Sin IMVU Badge 6 Deadly Sin IMVU Badge 7 Deadly Sin IMVU Badge 8Deadly Sin BadgesMaidenFree
Disney IMVU Badge 1 Disney IMVU Badge 2 Disney IMVU Badge 3 Disney IMVU Badge 4 Disney IMVU Badge 5Disney BadgesJiggYFree
2G3th3R Badge 1 2G3th3R Badge 2 2G3th3R Badge 3 2G3th3R Badge 52G3th3R Badge 4Dope Badges2G3th3RFree
IMVU Emo Goth Badges 3 IMVU Emo Goth Badges 4 IMVU Emo Goth Badges 1 IMVU Emo Goth Badges 2Emo/Goth BadgesiZhaiFree
IMVU Emoticon Badges 1 IMVU Emoticon Badges 2 IMVU Emoticon Badges 3 IMVU Emoticon Badges 4 IMVU Emoticon Badges 5 IMVU Emoticon Badges 6 IMVU Emoticon Badges 7 IMVU Emoticon Badges 8 IMVU Emoticon Badges 9 IMVU Emoticon Badges 10 IMVU Emoticon Badges 11 IMVU Emoticon Badges 12 IMVU Emoticon Badges 13 IMVU Emoticon Badges 14 IMVU Emoticon Badges 15 IMVU Emoticon Badges 16 IMVU Emoticon Badges 17Emoticon BadgesZPFree
IMVU Food Badges 1 IMVU Food Badges 2 IMVU Food Badges 3 IMVU Food Badges 4 IMVU Food Badges 5 IMVU Food Badges 6Food BadgesPopFree
Furry BadgeFurry BadgesNekoHimeFree
 IMVU Halloween Badges 1 IMVU Halloween Badges 2 IMVU Halloween Badges 3 IMVU Halloween Badges 4 IMVU Halloween Badges 5 IMVU Halloween Badges 6Halloween Badges TAT2FREAKFree
IMVU Love Badges 1 IMVU Love Badges 2 IMVU Love Badges 3 IMVU Love Badges 4 IMVU Love Badges 5 IMVU Love Badges 6 IMVU Love Badges 7 IMVU Love Badges 8 IMVU Love Badges 9 IMVU Love Badges 10 IMVU Love Badges 11 IMVU Love Badges 12 IMVU Love Badges 13 IMVU Love Badges 14Love BadgesjacobknightFree
IMVU Meme Badges 2 IMVU Meme Badges 1Meme BadgesEmoliciousFree
Name Brand Badge 1 Name Brand Badge 2 Name Brand Badge 3 Name Brand Badge 4 Name Brand Badge 5Name Brand Badges3ZvipFree
IMVU Naruto Ninja Badges 6 IMVU Naruto Ninja Badges 7 IMVU Naruto Ninja Badges 8 IMVU Naruto Ninja Badges 9 IMVU Naruto Ninja Badges 10 IMVU Naruto Ninja Badges 11 IMVU Naruto Ninja Badges 13 IMVU Naruto Ninja Badges 1 IMVU Naruto Ninja Badges 2 IMVU Naruto Ninja Badges 3 IMVU Naruto Ninja Badges 4Naruto/Ninja BadgesWuxiaFree
IMVU Nature Badge 2 IMVU Nature Badge 1Nature BadgesFineFree
IMVU Poetic Word Badges 7 IMVU Poetic Word Badges 8 IMVU Poetic Word Badges 9 IMVU Poetic Word Badges 10 IMVU Poetic Word Badges 11 IMVU Poetic Word Badges 1 IMVU Poetic Word Badges 2 IMVU Poetic Word Badges 3 IMVU Poetic Word Badges 4 IMVU Poetic Word Badges 5 IMVU Poetic Word Badges 6Poetic Word BadgesGabFree
 IMVU Pokemon Badges 18 IMVU Pokemon Badges 1 IMVU Pokemon Badges 2 IMVU Pokemon Badges 3 IMVU Pokemon Badges 4 IMVU Pokemon Badges 5 IMVU Pokemon Badges 6 IMVU Pokemon Badges 7 IMVU Pokemon Badges 8 IMVU Pokemon Badges 9 IMVU Pokemon Badges 10 IMVU Pokemon Badges 11 IMVU Pokemon Badges 12 IMVU Pokemon Badges 13 IMVU Pokemon Badges 14 IMVU Pokemon Badges 15 IMVU Pokemon Badges 16 IMVU Pokemon Badges 17Pokemon BadgesCosmicFluxFree
IMVU Sexy Badges 1 IMVU Sexy Badges 2 IMVU Sexy Badges 3 IMVU Sexy Badges 12 IMVU Sexy Badges 13 IMVU Sexy Badges 14 IMVU Sexy Badges 4 IMVU Sexy Badges 5 IMVU Sexy Badges 6 IMVU Sexy Badges 7 IMVU Sexy Badges 8 IMVU Sexy Badges 9 IMVU Sexy Badges 10 IMVU Sexy Badges 11Sexy BadgesDMFree
 Status IMVU Badge 1 Status IMVU Badge 2 Status IMVU Badge 3 Status IMVU Badge 4 Status IMVU Badge 5 Status IMVU Badge 6 Status IMVU Badge 8 Status IMVU Badge 7Status Badges38RBFree
 IMVU Social Media Badges1Social Media BadgesProductionsFree
Vampire badge Vampire badge1Vampire BadgesYmbriaFree
 IMVU Video Game Badges 4 IMVU Video Game Badges 1 IMVU Video Game Badges 2 IMVU Video Game Badges 3Video Game Badges DreamHYFree
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